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Updated August 28, 2013

Judios - Jews
Sefer Torah
Have You Blessed Your Children Today?
How to Light the Shabbat Candles
How to Affix a Mezuzah
How to Make Havdallah
The Story of The Jewish People in The 20th Century
    (summary of series Faith and Fate)
New York Synagogues: past and present
"It's Your Story" - National Museum of American Jewish
JewWalking - questions about the Jewish religion, Jewish history
Jew in the City: A Kosher Konundrum
Al Hamichya
Menachem Herman: HaKol LeTova
Some Yiddish Expressions
Teaching Kindness - Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
Jeff Seidel's Shabbat in Israel
Jewish Holidays
Rosh HaShana Videos (JR Videos - Rosh HaShana)
Sukkot Videos (JR Videos - Sukkot)
Chanukah Videos (JR Videos - Chanukah)
Tu B'Shvat Videos (JR Videos - Tu B'Shvat)
Purim Videos (JR Videos - Purim)
Passover Videos (JR Videos - Passover)
Shavuot Videos (JR Videos - Shavuot)
Fiddler on the Roof
Fiddler on the roof - If I were a rich man
Japanese Fiddler on the Roof (stage)
Fiddler on the roof - Lechaim (with subtitles)
To Life: Vanessa's Wedding Surprise
Fiddler on The Roof - Dudu Fisher @ Yad Vashem
Patrick McMahon - If I were a Rich Man (funny)
Movie Clips
Defiance - Film Trailer
Harrison Ford in scenes from the Frisco Kid
Gene Wilder in a scene from the Frisco Kid (in Italian)
Music Videos
"Ya'alili" by 8th Day: The official music video
I Got Tefilin
Meshugga Beach Party - Shalom Alechem
Meshugga Beach Party - If I Were a Rich Man
A Hard Day's Night - in Yiddish
Matisyahu Hasidic Reggae artist
Matisyahu Live on Letterman
The Barry Sisters - Yiddish
Moscow Male Jewish Cappella - A Yiddishe Mama (Yiddish)
My Yiddishe Mama - Tom Jones (English)
"A Yiddishe Mame" by Aelita Fitingof (Yiddish)
Mickey Katz sings "Duvid Crockett"
Al Hanisim - Six13
Israeli Music Videos (JR Videos - Israel)
Music Videos - Adon Olam
Adon Olam - Moshe Skier Band 2006
Adon Olam by Uzi Chitman
Yehuda Glantz on charango playing Adon Olam
Adon Olam - Dudu Fisher @ Yad Vashem
Adon Olam - 3 Tenors (Shapovalov, Livshitz, Goray)
Moscow Male Jewish Cappella - Warsaw -Adon Olam
Adon Olam - The Neima Singers and Chaim Dovid Berson
Kabbalah - Adon Olam
Adon Olam - Rabbi Danny Bergson and Rabbi Mitch Goodman
Adon Olam - com os chazanim do Rio de Janeiro
London Jewish Male Choir - Adom Olam Medley
Who Knows 5 - Adon Olam
Pardes - Adon Olam
Adon Olam - S'madar at JCFPA (female singers)
Adon Olam - Tsahal (female soldier singers)
Shlomo Gronich and The Sheba Choir - Adon Olam
Lucie Gerard playing her fiddle- Adon Olam
Children singing Adon Olam
Children of Tel-Aviv school singing Adon Olam
CRUSY Senior Adon Olam 2007 (male and female)
Adon Olam (funk version) - Ross M. Levy
Israel Por Simpre 2005 - Adon Olam
Adon Olam - Hazzan Ari Litvak (Latin American)
Adon Olam - Alvin and the Chipmunks - Miami Boys Choir
Adon Olam "Master of the Universe" 5770
6 Cantors Sings Adon Olam
Cantors Barry Braun & Ezra Sher Sing Adon Olam
High School Choir sings Doo-Wap version of Adon Olam (male and female)
Adon Olam (with hebrew lyrics)
Adon Olam - Kleizmer version (male and female singers)
Adon Olam / Pitchu Li
Adon Olam - Chava Alberstein and Female Singers
Adon Olam - Meitar Chior (male and female singers)
Adon Olam by the CBB SB Dynamic Temple Band
Adon Olam - Druschba Choir
Adon Olam - Shiloah in Tzfat
Adon Olam - The Morris Sisters
Adon Olam - Arad Trio Harmonica
Kol Ish - Adon Olam
Adon Olam multitrack A Capella (7 voices)
Adon Olam - Cups (When I'm Gone) Pitch Perfect - Listen Up!
Humorous Clips
Matt LeBlanc and The Chabad Telethon (low sound)
Who Let The Jews Out? (Passover)
Hebrew National Hotdog Commercial (1991)
Jewish Duracell
Wazzup (Shalom)
YES HDTV - Chassidic commercial
OU Kosher is Coming
Chinese Food On Xmas
Funny Jew Inventions (Marvin Silbermintz)
Frumster Video Commercial: Fairytale
Jew Many DJs - Music Video Mashup
Iran to Israel
Yiddish & Seinfeld . . Listen, Learn & Laugh!
Ituran Moses & Aaron
Yiddish Mamma Mia song
3rd Rock from the Sun - Jewish scene
Commercial -- Noah's ark
Jewish Celebrities
Leonard Nimoy: The Jewish Origin of Spock's Greeting
Jerry Seinfeld Press Conference (Israel Nov.07)

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