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December 15, 2017

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Boys Town: The Dreidel Song - Sevivon Sov Sov Sov
Bridgeside Live: "Al Hanissim" by Six13
Y-Studs - Rise Up - Hanukkah
Shine On You - Matisyahu Cover (Listen Up! Jewish Vocal Band)
Hanukkah: Celebrating 8 Differences that Make the Jewish People Unique
Kippalive - Hanerot Halalu
8th Day - Miracle Of Light (Official Music Video)
The Maccabeats - Candles on the Sill - Hanukkah
"In those days at this time" - The Israel Border Police (Hebrew)
Rap Daddy D - Spin Your Dreydels (Hanukah Rap)
Reb Jonny - Light It Up! (Chanukah Song)
Nes Gadol (Chanukah Miracle) by Yehuda Freeman
High Energy Mom - Chanukah Vlog
Hanukkah: God doesn't shout. He whispers.
The Shpielmans - Chanukah
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin speaks about Parshat Miketz & Chanukah
Apple Cider Sufganiyot with Salted Caramel Filling
Shiran in LA: Do It Yourself Chanukah (Hebrew)
The Nosh: Beet Sweet Potato Latkes for Hanukkah
Invite to the Hanukkah event - Central Synagogue in Odessa (Russian)
Sing Along with "Chanukah Oh Chanukah" Lyrics Video
The Chanukah Shaboom! Special - Great Miracles
Gourmet Chanukah Latkes by Bracha & Lena
Rabbi Liebenberg - Chanukah 5778/2017
Dreidel Dance arranged by Robert Thurston and danced by Raine Qian and Tullio Cata
The Dreidel Song with Bill A Jones, Marina & orchestra
WPC Chanukah around the World - A KOL ISHA Chanukah music mash-up!!
Chabad Naples - The Chanukah Olive Press Workshop
Hanukkah - Mayim Bialik
Hop Israel: Muli and Tzuni celebrate Chanukah - "Kad Katan" (Hebrew song)
Stuart Winter Choir Concert Men's Choir "Boogie Woogie Hanukkah"
The Maccabeats - Latke Recipe - Hanukkah Fan Video
"Clifford Celebrates Hanukkah" by Norman Bridwell
Hanukkah Bear
St. Louis Jewish Light - Apple Latkes for Hanukkah
Hanukkah Saar Kindergarten
Happy Chanukah from the Jewish Home!
President Trump and First lady Melania Trump host a Hanukkah Reception
Chanukah Greetings From Hillel of Greater Dayton
What's Cooking: Chanukah Latkes - Channel 7
Six13 presents: A Nice Jewish Boy Band Chanukah
Happy Hanukkah from Shir Rhythm
Dreidel Dance, Thurston - Troy Symphonic Band, 12/7/17
Dreidel - What is it?
Chernyak Family playing and singing Hanukkah song!
Torah for children for kids - What is Hanukkah?
Mellow Hanukkah (Horn)
Chanukah: Tap into the Light - Rabbi Yitzchak Botton
New York Boys Choir "Chanukah"
Chanukah song on NYC subway
Good Day Sacramento: 11th Annual Chanukah Wonderland
8 Ideas for Keeping Hanukkah Fun / Hanukkah Theme Nights
Chanukah in Chen Ofra 5778
ABC 7 Chicago: Holiday food for Hanukkah
The Nosh: Latke Poutine For Hanukkah
S T E A M Festival of Light
The story of Chanukah by Rabbi Kauffman
A Happy and Healthy Chanukah (animation)
First Candle Chanukah - Rabbi Yoni Levy (Hebrew)
"Hanerot Halalu" - Eyal Vilner Big Band Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah from IU Hillel
JIMM Webisode 13 Season 1 - CHANUKAH
Oil Oil Everywhere
Chanuka Medley with Micha Gamerman
Happy Chanukah from Hebrew Academy!
Yonina- Al Hanissim
Dvar Torah by Rav Shaul Feldman
Bnei Menashe Jews light Chanukah candles
Chanukah Greetings from President Reuven "Ruvi" Rivlin
Giant Chanukiya on the Bat Yam Promenade
Amazing Bnei Menashe Chanukah 2017 at Kfar Hasidim
PM Netanyahu at Chanukah candle lighting ceremony (Hebrew)
Hanukkah 2017 - Miracles - Rabbi Brener
Kazoo rendition of Sivivon Sov Sov Sov
First night of Chanukah - Lighting the hanukia at First Station, Jerusalem
Chanukah Torah Byte - Rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum
Chabad of Pinellas County - Light One Candle
Ari Lesser - Avi Kraus - Hanukkah Diet
Zamir Noded sings I Have a Little Dreydl
Chanukah Music Video by Meir Kay and Kosha Dillz
Zamir Chorale and Zamir Noded sing Ma'oz Tzur
Webdvar Chanukah 5778 by Eliezer Zwickler
USA Ambassador to Israel lights Chanukah menorah at Western Wall (Hebrew)
Shloime Cohen & Eli Laufer - Ma'oz Tzur
Shuey's Chanukah Safety Tips
The Miracle: An Original Chanukah Rap by Rabbi Ahuva Zaches
Its Chanukkah at Scheck Hillel
2nd Candle at Sderot Yeshivat Hesder
5th graders of Ben Porat Yossef singing Chanukah Songs (Hebrew)
Short Chanukah animation with Hebrew songs
Sufganiyah, anyone?
Thank Israeli Soldiers (TIS) - Chanukah 2017
Rav Shteinman zt"l & the Flames of Chanukah
Chanukah Lesson by Sivan Rahav Meir (Hebrew, 50 minutes)
"Chanukah Isn't Just for Kids" - a Short Message by Rabbi Mintz
Harry's Video Blog: The Hidden Gift - Chanukah/Parshat Mikeitz
A Read Along - Mrs. Greenber's Messy Hanukah
Yeshiva Day School LV - Chanuka 2017

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Hanukkah oh Hanukkah - Shir Soul
The Maccabeats - Hasmonean - A Hamilton Hanukkah
Six13 - A Hamilton Chanukah
Boys Town Jerusalem Hanukkah 5777
Lighting the Hanukkah Candles Faster Technion Rube Goldberg Machine
I Have a Little Dreidel - Listen Up! Jewish Vocal Band
Chabad of Pinellas County: "Grow" presents "It's Chanukah!"
Weston/Westport Hebrew School "Those Were the Nights of Chanukah" Video
Happy Hanukkah KTM MTL 5777!!!
SHTAR - Ma'oz Tzur
Aish: Hanukkah & the Amazing Miracle of Snow
1 Minute Chanukah Insight: How Oil is Like the Jewish People
15 Minutes Hanukkah Songs for Preschoolers - The Kiboomers
Chanukah (for) Dummies!
Blindfold Deep Fried Chanukah Challenge
Winter Wonderland Hanukkah Party - Joy of Kosher
Hanukkah oh Hanukkah! Lyrics in English and Yiddish
Shevet Achim: The Day of Chanuka (instrumental)
Disney Springs Chanukah (instrumental)
Chabad of Chatsworth Chanukah Video
Chanukah Headstart project for The Shevet Achim Ensemble with - Chilik Frank
BBYO Hungary Chanukah game
Count Me In Too this Chanukah! Jgive campaign Chanukah 2016
Hebrew Promo for Chanukah in Chevel Modi'in
8 Epic Latke Toppers - Joy of Kosher
CBS New York: Chanukah Recipes - Susie Fishbein
Dreidel Dancing Game for Chankah!
The Non-Jewish History of Chanukah Traditions
I Love Latkes
Sufganiyot Recipe for Hannukah - In A Bag
Chanukah Sameach from Hebrew Academy Montreal
Chef "Leibish Lokshin" Chanukah Cooking Special
Morah Shifras Chanukah Song
Chabad Olney Hebrew School of the Arts - Chanukah Music Video
Latkes, Donuts and Drinks for Your Hanukkah Party (Yiddish)
Chanukah Flash Mob-Temple Isaiah
Nefesh Mountain - The Hanukkah Dance by Woody Guthrie
Happy Hanukkah from Shaare Zedek Family
How to Draw Hanukkah Chanukah Kids Lighting Menorah
No-Potato Latkes - Joy of Kosher
Adath Israel Chanukah Movie
Rav Yehoshua Katz separates teruma and ma'aser from the Ma'ale Adumim olive oil
Chag Chanukah Sameach from CDS!
Happy Hanukkah from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Chanukah 001 - Where to light the Menorah
Happy Chanukah from SSA!
Rekindle the Light - Julie Geller
Ocho Kandelikas - Ladino song - Happy Chanukah 2016
Happy Chanukah from CTA Kindergarten
The Miracle of Chanukah - Netivot HaTorah
Happy Chanukah from LGA
How To Light the Chanukah Candles
The Light of Eight Nights - Hudi Kowalsky & Hillel Kapnick
Mabat News: How much does it cost to light the menorah (Hebrew)
The Best Doughnut in New York City
Schecter Westchester Chanukah FbF
Chanukah 2016 - The Bucks County Hebrew School
Chanukah 2016 @ AJA
JDC: Chanukah in the Former Soviet Union
Herman Berliners Dreidel Collection
The Rhode Show: Festival of Lights Traditions- Learn to play dreidel!
Evans Hanukkah Pre K Show - I have a little dreidel
Teaching Kids How to Draw: How to Draw a Dreidel
Spinagogue - First-Ever Dreidel Spinning Stadium
Spinagogue on Kickstarter
YDLV Latke Recipe 2016 - Chanukah Music Video!
SAR HS Chagim Video Series: Rabbi Shua Lindenbaum - Chanukah
Hanukah Music & Lights Near Jaffa Gate 5777
Chanukah Sameach from Scheck Hillel Community School 2016
PM Netanyahu Lights the 2nd Candle of Chanukah at the Western Wall
Israeli Opera - Chanukah
Sofgania - The Jewish Doughnut for Hanukkah
Hanukkah: The Battle for Beauty
Chanukah Vlog Day 1! - Liba Land
Ruach Hakodesh - Chanukah Waltz
Hidabrut - Chanukah: A Battle of Beliefs
Hag Hanukkah - Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Rabbi David Lau, Chief Rabbi Of Israel At Kotel On 2nd Night of Chanukah (Hebrew)
What is the Secret to Israel's Success? Then and Now - Rabbi Ari Enkin
Hevruta 2016-17 Hanukkah Video
Nechama Rivlin visits Magav at A-Zaim Checkpoint
HANC Chanukah Choir 5777
Hanukkah in Hebron 2016
Those Were The Nights-Reiter Family 5777
Aish UK: Tiny Steps. Massive Impact
Swingin' Dreidel - SSG Andre McRae & The United States Army Band

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The Maccabeats - Latke Recipe - Hanukkah
The Maccabeats - Perfect Latkes (Potato Pancakes)
Adam Sandler - Chanukah Song Part 4
Chanukah 2015 - Boys Town Jerusalem Choir
Six13 - Watch Me (Spin / Drey-Drey)
A One Direction Hanukkah - Epic Parody Mashup!
We Love Chanukah - The Caps
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin Speaks about Chanukah
Ari Goldwag & Sheves Chaverim - Shir Ushvacha - Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah from Netanya!
The Spark - Julie Geller
Lift Yourself Up - Shir Soul
Light the Candles and Believe - Shut Up and Dance Chanukah Parody
Shalom - Adele "Hello" Chanukah Parody
Rabbi Mark S. Miller - Happy Chanukah
Rabbi Liebenberg - Miketz/Chanukah 5776 2015
Lev Aryeh (Hebrew song from play about the Maccabim)
Nursery & Kindergarten singing Chanukah Songs - grtwacademy
Muppets Sing Chanukah Song - Sesame Street Sevivon
Musicare Chanukah - Lipa & Menashe
PEG + CAT - Eight Days of Hanukkah - PBS KIDS
Englewood Civic Band 2015 - A Chanukah Celebration
CBS New York: Cooking For Hanukkah
One Jug of Oil by Brian Wartell
NYC Deaf Chanukah Celebration 2015
Israeli Children's Hop Channel: Chanukah Songs (Hebrew)
Light Song - FMS Chidon Chanukah Opening 2015
Chanukah in less than 4 minutes!!! - Soille San Diego Hebrew Day School
Latkes, Donuts and Drinks for your Chanukah Party (Yiddish)
Happy Chanukah from Mega Bair (Hebrew commercial)
Light a Candle for Chanukah - Shul of Rock UK
Felicia Sloin - "Sevivon"
Hanukkah in Alaska read by Molly Ephraim
New York's Great Hanukkah Blackout
Israeli doughnut sufganiyot Chanukah taste test
Star Wars Hanukah Trailer
The Sufganiyot Song - Lyrics: Rabbi/Cantor Elliot Rosenbaum
Spin the Dreidel - Kara Aharon
PM Netanyahu Lights the First Candle of Hannukah
Chanukah - Shloimy Bluth
Chanukah - Piano Tutorial
New York Boys Choir - Nes Gadol
Chanukah with Kosherguru in New Jersey
Sevivon Sov Sov Sov - Eyal Vilner Big Band Hanukkah Concert!
Kippalive - Al HaNisim
In The Footsteps of The Maccabees (Arutz Sheva)
Jews of Kaifeng Celebrate Hanukkah
SSA does "Candlelight"!
Tell Matisyahu That We Won! (A Chanukah Parody)
Startup Song (Parody of Adam Sandler's Chanukah Song)
Racheli Frankel in Ir David (Hebrew)
Stephen Colbert Celebrates The First Night Of Hanukkah
Happy Hanukkah from Yeshiva University
Chabad Orange County Hebrew School Chanukah Music Video
Lost Tribe Of Bnei Menashe In Northeastern India Lights Candles
Chabad Lighting Chanukah Candles in Jerusalem Restaurant
Al Hanisim - Mizmor School
IDF: 360 degree protection like a Sevivon
Bnei Menashe celebrate first Hanukkah in Israel
Americans Try Donuts with Unexpected Israeli Flavors
"Rolling in the Deep" Hanukkah Parody
A New Guinness World Record in Dreidel Spinning
Buzzfeed: People Try Latkes
Chana Zelda HDS ~Bnot Sherut~
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings "8 Days (of Hanukkah)" Lyric Video

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The Maccabeats - All About That Neis - Hanukkah
Six13 - Chanukah (Shake It Off)
Hanukkah - Dreidel - music video by Shir Soul Jewish a cappella
Hanukkah Song Mashup - Dance Spectacular!
Elliot Dvorin - Key Tov Orchestra
Ari Goldwag - Chanukah Light [Official Video] (Hanukkah Light)
Another Hanukkah Miracle from Technion Israel Chanukah
Happy Hanukkah from the IDF!
PM Netanyahu Lighting Chanukah Candles with the IDF
Aish: Hanukkah: Fighting the Darkness with Light
On Time Studios: How to eat donuts
JFS: Animated Chanukah Message 2014
Scarlett Johansson & Matt Damon's 'Chanukah Special' - MTV After Hours
The Chanukah Challenge
Chanukah Yippie I Oh!
2014 Story of Chanukah as told by the Kindergarten at LGA Schechter
Chanukah Oh Chanukah in Yiddish
Chaiyanu - Toys to Thousands of Children in Israel
The Sharpest Pencil - Drawing about Chanuka (Hebrew)
A Bissel of Chanukah
Hillel at Ithaca College: How do you spell Chanukah?
Sivivon, Sov Sov Sov - Ukulele Magazine Contest
Hop Channel: Yemai Chanukah (Hebrew song)
Morah Leah sings: Chanukah is a Time for Miracles
Chanukah Free (Break Free parody)
Celebrate Chanukah (Shake It Off parody)
Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald: Chanukah Gelt
Chanukah singing at JCC for Seniors, 2014
Channel 1 TV: Chanukah Sufganiyot that you Never Tried (Hebrew)
Lights: Official Aish Hanukkah video 2014 - Featuring Shtar
Taylor Swift Shake It Off Parody - Hanukkah Song
This Week in Jewish History: What is Chanukah, and How Do You Spell it?
The Jabberwocks of Brown University - Chanukah Lights
'Chanukah:3622' Song - Itche Kadoozy
Frozen Rabbis: Hora On Ice
Grade 2 students at HMJDS Sing Hanukkah Songs
Chanukah Opens Doors (Parody of "Love is an Open Door")
Sinai Speak: Chanukah: Turning Darkness Into Light
IBA: Days of Chanukah: The War Story (Hebrew)
IBA: Days of Chanukah: The Chashmonai Family (Hebrew)
IBA: Days of Chanukah: A Nice Chanukiyah (Hebrew)
IBA: Days of Chanukah: Where is Chanukah From? (Hebrew)
The Temple Institute: Pure Olive Oil for the Temple Menora
The Wondering Jew: Not Like The Neighbors
Rabbi Eliezer Zwickler: Webdvar Chanukah 5775
Hebrew Commercial for Osem Flour for making Sufganiyot
Keren Hayesod UIA: Happy Chanukah - Lighting First Candle
Menorah Hanging on the Longest Omega in Israel
Butterflake Bakery Chanukah Donut Video
Those were the Nights- Reiter Family 5775
The Sufganiot Song : Lyrics-Rabbi/Cantor Elliot Rosenbaum
IDF and Council Leaders Light Menorah @ Tomb of Joshua
Happy Hanukkah by Judy Tellerman

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Nes Gadol Haya Po - A Great Miracle Happened Here
Hanukkah 2013 Maoz Tzur from Technion Students Israel
Jerusalem U Channukah Message 5764
Boys Town Jerusalem Chanukah Video - Maoz Tzur
Tap Into... Hanukkah! (for kids)
Jew Direction - "Chanukah Makes You Jewtiful" (One Direction Parody)
Mama Doni - Chanukah Oh Chanukah
The Maccabeats - Burn - Hanukkah
IDF Training with Technology Unit: Chanukkah in Those Days (Hebrew)
Chanukah - Never Give Up (Rabbi Tzvi Sytner)
Thanksgivukkah Pie
Six13 - The Thanksgivukkah Anthem
Channel 1: Chanukah and Thanksgiving on the Same Day (Hebrew)
Chanukah Music Video (Those Were the Nights of Chanukah)
Rabbi Perl Chabad Turkey Talk Thanksgiving Chanukah
Happy Chanukah from Stratford College Students
The Dreidel Song: Hanukkah Rap
Ross Original Hanukkah Song
Shalom Sesame: Baby Bear and Telly Play Dreidel
"Oils" - A Thanksgivukkah Miracle (Royals song parody)
Channel 5: Hanukkah Latkes
Mama Doni - Chanukah Cooking
8 Lights: Hanukkah Song 2013, The B Boyz
Potato Latkes Recipe for Hanukkah- Martha Stewart
Supersol Deal Hebrew Commercial
Techie ways to celebrate Hanukkah
Julie Geller: I Believe in Miracles (Hanukkah Song)
Sweet Light for Hanukkah -- a Thanksgivukkah song
Youngsters Build Menorahs in Yonkers
Israeli Kindergarten Gan Karchom
This Hanukkah, Get Rid of the Tree - Salomon Says
The Story of Chanukah as told by the Kindergarten at LGA Schechter
Yeshivat Lev HaTorah-Chanukah 5774-Rav Menachem Copperman
Hanukkah & Thanksgiving - Lori Almost Live
Januka & Sufganiot
Al Hanisim (Choir and Violin)
Hanukkah in Santa Monica
Asaf Kaslasi sings Hanukkah Hebrew Songs
Jewbilation Music: Eight Days a Week
Boys Without Toys: Happy Hanukkah to one and all
Brandon and Aubrey: Hanukkah Medley
Chanukah Menorah 2013
Hop Channel: Banu Choshech Legaresh (Hebrew song)
Rosh Pina Ensemble
I'm a Menorah - Joel Frankel
8 Nights - by Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman
How To Create a Dessert Table For Hanukkah
Happy Chanukah from the Jewish Community Federation
Chanukiya Exhibit at Moreshet Moshe School in Ramat Gan
Aish: The Black Miracle: A Hanukkah/Thanksgiving Poetry Slam
HaRav Dovid Hofstedter: In what zchus did the Maccabim win?
Bank Hapoalim Chanukah Commercial
Chanukah Sameach from the Luli Channel
A Yad Eliezer Chanukah!
Hanukkah Wishes from USCJ
Making Sweet for Chanukah from Elite
Adam Sandler Thanksgiving & Hanukkah Parody - Thanksgivukkah
Hanukkah Hanukkah - A Jazz Pop Original
Building the Largest Chanukiyah in the World
Looking back at the Maccabees: Hanukkah holiday
Traditional menorah candle lighting ceremony at the Kotel
Hoppy Hanukkah! by Linda Glaser Murray LIbrary Story Time
Mario Hanukkah
Shlock Rock For Kids Time - Chanukah Bonus Video

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The Shul Hebrew School: Chanukah Style - A Gangnam Style Parody
Lahakat Harabanut - Chanukah Gangman Style
Shooby Doob Shloimy - "The Chanukah Miracle"
The Yeshiva Boys Choir - "Daddy Come Home"
StandFour - Eight Nights - Hanukkah Mashup
Six13 - Haneirot Halalu
Racing Home: A Hanukkah Surprise
Rube Goldberg Machine Technion Israel a Hanukkah Chanukah Miracle
The Maccabeats - Shine - Hanukkah
iHanukkah - Apple Style - The Fountainheads
Breslev: The Secret of the Chanukah Miracle (Hebrew)
Chanukah Festival: Medley of Chanukah Songs
Shimi Azuli - Chanukah Songs (Hebrew)
Chanukah Melodies-Player Piano Tune
Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks: The Hidden Story of Chanukah
Yesha: Hanukah - The Official Trailer
Marolin Hebrew Academy: Those Were the Nights of Chanukah

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Chanukah Means Dedication - Musical Greeting - Rabbi David Sirull
The What's Up Band: Pass It On Chanukah 2012
Shalom Sesame: The Missing Menorah
Channel 2: Menachem Checks Sufganiyot (Hebrew)
"Gangnam Chanukkah"
Chanukah The Festival of Lights Overture
Source of Chanukah name - skit and songs (in Hebrew)
Generation's Flame
Maoz Tzur - Schwebel Scharf & Levine IV
Why is Chanukah a nice holiday (street interviews in Hebrew)
Yerachmiel Zigler - "Kavoo Shir" (Hebrew song)
Making Sufganiot in Chaya's Kindergarten
Chanukah Oy Chanukah (in Yiddish)
Maoz Tsur - Nitsan Khen Razel
Happy Hanukkah from Mevaseret Band
Best Potato Pancakes/Latkes
Chanukah Remix - Sevivon Sov Sov Sov
Chanukah Medley performed by the London Jewish Male Choir
Chanukah Time - Josh & The Jamtones
Beit Chana: Chanukah and Family (Hebrew)
Maran Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on Mitzvat Chanukah (Hebrew)
How to Make Potato Latkes - Hanukkah Recipe
Car Menorah sync with blinkers
The Wondering Jew: Assimilation
Chanukah Is All About YOU
Ocean County College Concert Band: Fanfare on Maoz Tsur
A Good Old Down Home Country Chanukah (Lauren Mayer)
Chana Zelda (Hebrew song / skit)
Michelle Citrin - Hanukkah Lovin'
Chanukah 2012 - Jewish Federation San Diego
Happy Chanukah from the Ramaz 6th Grade!
We're Lighting The Menorah - Reishit Yerushalayim
Channel 2: Expensive Dreidel / Menorah (Hebrew)
Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy: Chanukah 2012
Mission Impossible 5.773 - Hanukkah Miracle
Happy Chanukah from the Moledet School in Be'er Sheva
The Sababas - Spin To Win
Spin To Win - The Sababas (Featuring The Chanukah Chipmunks)!
Uncle Moishy Chanukah - Spinning
Happy Chanukah from JFC-UIA!
Rivki's Video Blog - Are You Beautiful: Chanukah
Shirat Machar Hanukkah - Eight Nights the Miracle of Light
Chanukah in a minute and a half (Hebrew)
First Grade - Chanukah Songs including song with Hand Signs
Prime Minister Steven Harper Lights The Menorah On Chanukah
Chanukah 5773 - Rabbi Rubinfeld
The What's Up Band - Pass It On Chanukah 2012
Mitzvah Boulevard - "Those Were The Nights of Chanukah" YBC
Chanukah 2012 - Shlepshitz
The Toronto Sterns - Those were the Nights
Kosher Troops Chanukah
Akiba-Schechter Chanukah eCard 2012
A.K.A Pella- Happy Chanukah! (style)
Chanukah Atmosphere in Streets of Jerusalem
Chanukah 2012 - Gan Basor - Music Video
HaMenagnim: Hanukkah Medley
Chief Rabbi of the IDF - Rafi Adri: About the Maccabim (Hebrew)
Hot Vod Young: Medley of Chanukah Songs
Bresolv Melody: Maoz Tzur
Neve Oz School - Maoz Tzur
How to Light the Chanukah Candles? (English)
How to Light the Chanukah Candles? (Russian)
Yad Ezra: Nesa Nesa
Hannukah Is Coming To Town
Hanukkah 2012: Moscow lights Grand Menorah
Hanukkah: Why 8 Days? - Salomon Says
A Chanukah Story: A toddler's perspective
Jewperhero in NYC
Chabad's Latke Eating Contest
Chabad Candle Lighting in Ma'ale Adumim
Chanukah Medley by IMMA
Lipa Schmeltzer "Believe in a Miracle"
Making Hanukkah's oily delights
We the Folk Music: Hanukkah oh Hanukkah
Mayor Lights Grand Menorah In Los Angeles
Latkes, Shmatkes! (by Lauren Mayer)
Chanukah in Hevron
Chanukah in Jerusalem
London Mayor Boris Johnson leads UK's Festival of Lights
US Ambassador and Chabad Hasidim Light up Tel Aviv
Chanukah - What are we celebrating? (Hebrew animation)
World Bible Quiz 2012 (Hebrew, 2 hours, 22 minutes)
"Crazy Rhythm Mania" in Maale Adumim
MDA Volunteers Light 8th Candle at Kol Yisrael Radio Station
Samurai Jew: The Eighth Night
Dancing Rabbis Hanukkah Rockets Game 2012
Dancing Rabbis take Houston NBA basketball by storm
Why do we celebrate (Hebrew animation)
Hanukkah Song - Adele Parody by Ash Soular
Le'Hadlik Ner - Chanukah Rap (Look at me now parody)
Hanukkah: Out of the Darkness

Watch 54 Chanukah Videos
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The Yeshiva Boys Choir - "Those Were The Nights (of Chanukah)"

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Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages - Official Hanukkah Video

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The Maccabeats - Miracle - Matisyahu - Hanukkah

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The Shlomones - The Rocky Hora Chanukah Song

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Light Up the Night - Fountainheads Hanukkah

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Crash Course on Chanukah
Pella Productions Presents - Holiday Party

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Six13 - Chanukah Rights!
The Giant Chanukiah in Mevaseret Adumim - Chanukah 5772
Chanukah2011 - Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County
All I do is spin- Hannukah Parody (all i do is win)
Shalom Sesame: Making Olive Oil
Happy Chanukah decoration for 2011
Hanukkah 2011 - All Of The Lights
Learn Hebrew Chanukah Video
Mama Doni's "The Legend of Sour Cream Vs. Apple Sauce"
Chabad of BelAir - A True Chanukah Story
The Miracle of Hanukkah
Happy Chanukah from the Jewish Home!
Eat In Good Health! A Cooking Show in Yiddish with English subtitles
Failed Hanukah Classics
MEF Band - Dreidel Dance (in Okinawa Japan on Camp Foster)
Maoz Tzur Yeshuati - Meni Maimon Cohen
Menorah Hearts: The B-Boyz
Maoz Tzur - Kol Sasson
Yad Ezra Chanuka Party Rock
The Princeton Footnotes Hanukah Medley
Class singing Kemah Kemah, and Hanukah oh Hanukah
"The Kung Fu Maccabees" sing Chanuka lighting
Hanukkah - In Those Days, at This Time.
Menorah Glow (Stereo Hearts for Chanukah)
Rabbi Riskin's Miketz -- "Torah Lights" 5772
A Chanukah Surprise
Rock Me Maccabeus - Hanukkah
Hilarious Hanukkah Music Video - "No Latkes"
Happy Chanukah from UJA Federation
World's Largest Free Spinning Hannukah Dreidel
Chanukah and See you in 2012! (Rabbi Greenberg on Chanukah)
Inside / Outside (Rabbi Lord Sacks on Chanukah)
How to Chanukah - SHS (kids explain Chanukah)
3rd Grade presents Rabbi Kalman and Zelsa (Hebrew)
Maccabi Tel-Aviv Wishes Happy Hanukkah To Everybody!
Rav Avraham Blidstein- What's the point of the Hanukkah light?
Imagine Hanuka 2011
National Menorah Lit in Washington
How to make no-mixer Doughnuts (Square and Round)
Sevivon (Moshe Skier Band)
Maccabeats Madness In Central Park
Chanukah Lights Aaron Holder
Chanukah video (Candle in the Night)
Shavei Israel celebrates Hanukah around the world
Maoz Tzur
Lighting Up Tel Aviv with Hanukkah Lights
Chanuka lighting in the supermarket!!
Light the World - Amital School Hanukkah Song
NASA Astronauts celebrate Chanukah in Space

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Candlelight - The Maccabeats

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NBN: Eight Days (2010 - 5571)
Hanukah Billionaire
The 8 Robots of Chanukah (5771)
Light of Unity by Rabbi Channen in Jerusalem
I Light It - NCSY Chanukah Musical Remix 2010
A Dynamite Hanukkah 2010 Remix_ The B-Boyz
Shalom Sesame - "Chanukah: The Missing Menorah" Sneak Peek
Chanukah Music Video - Eight Candles Burning
Foodaism's Double Down Latke Sandwich [Recipe]
Six 13 At Vacation Village: Al Hanisim
Marcel The Gelt
I Can't Believe It's Chanukah
(I Can't Believe) It's Chanukah Again with Lyrics Wayne Steele
2009-2010 SHS Select Choir: Chanukah in Santa Monica
Howcast: How to Celebrate Hanukkah
Oorahs Chanukah Clip
Hanukkah 2010 - Kids eating Sufganiyot with song
This Chanukah..spread the light. Make a difference
Noa's chanukah party - Gan Tavor (November 2010)
Miracle - Matisyahu Hanukkah Song
Chanukah Card / Posters
Rockin' Chanukah
The Hanukkah Blessings (hard rock remix)
What is so important about Chanukah 2010? - Rabbi Svirsky
Machlis Presents: Chanuka 5771 / 2010
Chanukah Nights by "The What's Up Band"
JFA: Hanukkah in Santa Monica, Brandeis University
Hanukkah 2010 - Light Is in the Air (More Fire) Bible Raps
Halachot Chanukah (Hebrew)
Chanukah Party at Shoshi's Kindergarten
Tznif Efrat Chanukah Party
Kochav Yair Torch Parade
It's Hanukkah!...The Official Hanukkah Rap
The Dreidel Song featuring Lloyd of the Deedle Deedle Dees
Oh, Hanukkah! featuring Lloyd of the Deedle Deedle Dees
Locker Room Speech by Yeshiva University Coach (dreidelpalooza)
Major League Driedel at Dreidel-Palooza
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates Hanukkah
Ma'oz Tzur bass variation by Alex Bershadsky
Our Spiritual DNA - Rabbi Benzion
Happy Chanukah
First Night Chanukah By Skulen Rebbe 5771
I Gotta Feeling Hanukkah - The Fountainheads

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The REAL Story of Chanukah
Miracle - Matisyahu Hanukkah Song Music Video
Chanukah with The Hillels of Illinois
Chanukah Mariupol
2010 Chanukah Wonderland
Chanukah in Sydney's Martin Place
Magen Boys Entertainment Presents Hip Hop Chanukah
Chana Zelda - Chanukah 2010
Ramaz Chamber Chorus: Dreidel
NutShowTV: Dreidel Championship
Dreydel - The Dreidel Song (Accordion)
Rabbi Boing visits YU Dreidelpalooza!
USC Hillel - Chabad - Marching Band Chanukah 2010
Maoz Tsur - Rio De Janeiro 5771
"Sweet Rain" & Maoz Tzur - The Afula Guys
Maoz Tsur - Shopping Center in Manaus, Brazil
Shevet Yuval, Modi'in Israel
How to Spend Your Chanukah Gelt at Toys R Us (Hebrew)
Solar Chanukiyah in Binyamina (Hebrew)
Rehearsal of Moroccan Maoz Tzur
DHR Chanuka Contest
Chanukah 2010 Dreidel Medley Clip
Mindstorm NXT Chanukah Menorah
A Third Al Hanisim (Amudai Shaish Boys Choir, 1980)

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Adam Sandler - Chanukah (Hanukkah) Song [Part 1]

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Adam Sandler - Chanukah (Hanukkah) Song [Part 3]
Kenny Ellis sings his hit single Swingin' Dreidel

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I Had a Little Dreidl - Bagel Blvd Chanuka Edition
Left to Right (Michelle Citrin)

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Nefesh B'Nefesh Hanukkah Flash Mob (Jerusalem 5770)
Howcast: How To Light the Hanukkah Menorah
How Do You Spell Channukkahh

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Captain Smartypants sings Dreidel
The Funky Gold Menorah by The Mama Doni Band
Chabad: Chanukah Around the World
YU Acappella - The Maccabeats - Chanukah Medley
Nefesh B'Nefesh: Modern Day Miracles
Birthright: Light em Up (Hanukkah Worldwide)
Poway Chanukah: Yes, We Can!
Hanukkah Bird (animation and song)
Rock 'n' Roll Hanukkah
Ahmedinijad admits he is addicted!
Eli Yazpan, Hanukkah (in Hebrew)
Jewlarious: The Miracle on 42nd Street
Jewlarious: Ho Ho Hanukah
Meshugga Beach Party - Oh Hanukkah
Meshugga Beach Party - S'vivon
Benji Lovitt: Happy Chanukkah from Jerusalem!
"First Time Lighting" - with Matisyahu, Nosson Zand
Hanukah Party in Fes, Morocco
Hanukah rap song
Hannukah (w)rap
Hardcore Hannukah Dance (PG)
Hanukkah - "Chocolate Coins" (Rapper Eric Schwartz)
Chanukah song - Happy Hanukkah (Carol Boyd Leon)
One Little Hanukah Candle (Susan Salidor)
Light Your Lights - Chanukah Song (by David Brody)
LHS Performing Arts - S'vivon
Boulder Colorado Mesa Elementary - S'vivon
Al Hanisim - Six13 @ Chabad Chanukah Telethon
Hannukah Song Texas Style
Oy Cappella - Adam Sandler Chanukah Song
Michael sings I Have a Little Dreidel
Aish: Just Jew It - True Chanuka Story
Chana Zelda - (home version)
"The Latke Song" by Debbie Friedman
Dreydl, aka "the Dreidle Song" by Rubinchik's Yiddish Ensemble
Rockapella - Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel (first 8 seconds black)
Chutzpah - Jewish Rappers - on Good Day New York
Jews Celebrate The "Festival Of Lights" At Sundown
LeeVees - Latke Clan

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LeeVees - "Latke Clan" - Unplugged For The Kids

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LeeVees - How Do you spell Channukkahh?

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The Leevees Rocking Hanukkah (NBC interview)
Hanukkah in Santa Monica

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JFA: Hanukkah in Santa Monica

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How to play Chanukah Dredyl
Gerber Folk Skewer The Dreidel Song
Don Mclean - Dreidel
The Eight Nights of Hanukkah by Jewish celebrities
Latke Larry
Chabad: Puppets sharing their feelings about Chanukah
Chabad: The Hanukkah Dreidel Song
Purim Homintaschen vs. Hannukah Latke debate
Arnold Schwarzenegger Speaks - Happy Hanukkah Jews
Ventriloquist Dummy Choir Hanukkah Song
The Hanukkah Song by Dr. C & Elwood
Ofra Haza on Kid's show (very low volume)
Bezalel Hanuka Lighting - dept. of Industrial Design.
Chanukah Wishes - Israeli School to Canadian School
IDF's Chanukah Donuts (how to make)
Elvis Duran and the Morning Zoo - Hanukkah song
How to Buy Hanukkah Gifts for Kids
Robert Downey Jr. Lighting The Menorah
India celebrates Hanukkah
NBA stars Hanukkah greetings
What is a Sufganiya?
Kaplan / Schwartz - Nes Gadol (Hanukkah Mix)
Connecting to Sderot - Chanukah 2007
How to Light the Chanukah Menorah
Claymation: Monkey Menorah - Happy Chanukah
Chanukah! - pictures of menorah's around the world
Lori Almost Live: Chanukah's Glow (from
Sufganyot recipe - Israelicious with Phillis Glazer
Izzy's Traditional Jewish Recipes - Potato Latkes
Feed Me Bubbe - Latkes
The Mendy Report: Chanukah Latke Recipe
Lich'vod Hachanukkah -Chaim Nachman Bialik
Theodore Bikel' Hannukah
The Chanukah Song at Staamika '08
The Chanukah Song (We Are Lights)
Elmo's World Happy Holidays - Chanukah Segment
Rabbi Wyne about Chanukah
Princeton University Band Plays "Chanukah Oh Chanukah"
Princeton University Band plays "Maoz Tzur"
The Miracle of Hanukkah by The Pumpernickel Project
David Davidi - Al Hanisim
Chanukah Songs in Hebrew with Photos
Neshoma Orchestra on the Chanukah Telethon
How To Make A Paper Cup Menorah
Neil Diamond - The Chanukah Song (by Adam Sandler)
Surfboard Menorah at Laguna Beach
Chanukah lightings with various Rebbes
Mohorosh of Breslov Lighting Chanukah Candles
2008 Major League Dreidel Selection Night
2008 Major League Dreidel Tournament
Promo - Major League Dreidel's Spinagogue
Hanukkah Candlestick
Ocho Kandelikas - 8 Candles in Ladino (Kenny Ellis)
Lewis & Clark College Choir- Ocho Kandelikas
The LeeVees - Ocho Kandelikas
Cantor Joel Fox, Daughter Arianna - Hanukah Songs
Hanukah Celebration - Light Up the World
Chanukah in Cairo
The Shirah Chorus performs Ma'oz Tzur
Sherai Chanuka - Hebrew Chanukah Songs
Holy Roller Mitzva Mobile Hanukah
The Battles of Yehudah Hamacabee
Preparing a Chanukiyah (in Hebrew)
Cellular Chanukiya
Chanukiya Songs with Images
How to make Potato Latkes - A Chanukah Treat
Celebrate Chanukah 2009 with Chabad of South Carolina!
Chanukah Rap 2009
Chanukah Rock by Brett Lieberman
G-dcast Spins Chanukah!
Eight Days of Hanukkah by Senator Orrin Hatch
Dreidel Dreidel Meshugga Beach Party
Gord Lindsay: Chanuka Funicula
New Ma'oz Tzur Tune
Chanuka em Curitiba 2009
Chaverim - Ma'oz Tzur
2009 Major League Dreidel at Full Circle Bar
YUAcapella Maccabeats Chanuka 2009
Episode 1: Hanukkah Special - Dreidel
Episode 27: Hanukkah Special - The Auto Menorah
Kindergarten Song Practice for Chanukah Party
Belz Chanukah Lighting in Jerusalem
Chanukah Lighting - Trip to Poland group
Chanukah 5770 - Philadelphia Annual March of Lights
Chanukah 5770 - Philadelphia Menorah Parade line-up
Menorah Lighting on Clearwater Beach
New Ma'oz Tzur Tune
HaRav Zev Leff Lighting the Menorah
Shloime Daskal - Al Hanisim
CNN: Matisyahu lights up
Menorahs - NJN News
Hanukkah With A Chinese Twist
Go Latkes 2009 Hanukkah Champions
Third Night Of Chanukah At The Kotel (2007)
Tayku - I have a little dreidel
Hannuka for the Rest of Us
Childrens Chanukah Song - Erik Ilyayev -- Bukharian
Candle Time: A Hanukkah Video
This Chanukah
(I Can't Believe) It's Chanukah Again with Lyrics Wayne Steele
Hebrew Chanukah Song - Light Candles
Hebrew Chanukah Songs - Sung by Emmanuel
Hebrew Chanukah Songs - Uzi Chitman and Chani Nachmies
Chanukah Nights
Hershey's House
"I Have A Little Dreidel" By Dr. Floyd & Dr. Grant
Traditional Chanukah Treats : Ingredients for Sufganiyot
Traditional Chanukah Treats : How to Make the Dough for Sufganiyot
Day 8 of Chanukah candle lighting - Donut Menorah
Day 1 of Chanukah Candle Lighting
The Dancing Two-Tongued Cats
Oh Chanukah Oh Chanukah
Hanukah menorah lighting in downtown Jerusalem, Israel
Chanukah Menorah Lighting Kotel 2009
Lighting the Hanukiyah is Catching (Hebrew)
Magazine 24: Lighting the Hanukiyah in Jerusalem (Hebrew)
Lighting the Chanukiyah in Fort Lee
Sevivon - Moshe Skier Band
Hanukkah Trance Mix
U.S. Army Band - Sivivon
Lighting The Menorah Via Satellite in US Army
Hanukkah Blast - Mi Yemalel
Maoz Zur - Yahav Regev
Ocho kandelikas- Eight little candles
ocho kandelikas
Brookdale Lights Up Midtown
The Battles of Yehudah Hamacabee

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