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Updated: March 18, 2014


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Watch 35 Purim Videos 5774 - 2014
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The Haman Remembrance - Purim Travesty
"What Does Haman Say" by A.K.A. Pella: The Official Music Video
"What does Purim Say?" (Parody: What does the fox say)
Gad Elbaz & Naftali Kalfa ft Ari Lesser - Miracles
Jewbellish: Happy Purim
Laughing Flash Mob Jerusalem - Bringing smiles and happiness
Kinderlach Purim
The Purim theme is jungle!!!
Beth Am Purim Spiel 2014
Bob Zimmerman Purim-shpiel
Yad Ezra V'Shulamit - Purim for Children in Israel
Megillas Lester Official Trailer
Megillas Lester - Behind the Scenes: Character Creation
Chabad of the Valley Purim
KTM H.S. Purim Party 5774 Promo #1
There was a Rasha - family version
This Year's Powerful Purim Opportunity - Lori Almost Live
Purim Street Survey (Hebrew)
How To Make Hamantashen (Purim Recipes with Nina Safar)
Andy sings Purim songs
Purim Songs on Electric Guitar
Dj Israel Sasson My Scratch Purim
Michelle Citrin: Shake Your Grogger
Strauss: Dressed Up Purim Pastries
Purim 2014/ 5774 from BJE- Indianapolis to Akko- Israel: Shazar School
Congregation Beth Shalom - 2014 Purim Promotional Video
Temple Israel Purim Spiel 2014 trailer
Purim Flashmob
How To Purim
The Story of Purim using Lego (in Hebrew)
Kfar Saba Torah and Mada - 2014 Purim Song (Hebrew)
Outbeat Purim 2014 - Dog Dressup (Hebrew)
Purim Video - Charity for Israel
Hapoel Jerusalem visits Shaarei Tzedek Hospital
Jewish School of Maui: Purim The Movie
The Reveal - Lipa Schmeltzer feat. Ari Lesser

Watch 48 Purim Videos 5773 - 2013
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Purim Grogger Style (Gangnam Style Parody) - Rosenblum Purim 2013
Haman Harasha Kinderlach
Purim Poetry Slam
Move Like Graggers Remix (Purim Song) by Temple Israel
Purim - The Real Story (Hebrew, Friends of IDF Rabbanute)
Maccabi Basketball Team visits Kids in Hospital (Hebrew)
Organi Empire - Purim 2013
Holliswood (Purim Style)
Channel 10: Buying Inexpensive Purim Costumes (Hebrew)
Shoshi Zohar - Choosing Costumes - iPhone Application demo
Mishe Nichnas Adar (one man a cappella)
TBS Purim 2013
JTA's Purim Hamantaschen Tutorial
The 'Better-Than-Best' Hamantashen Song
Origami Mishloach Manot
Designing Floats for the Adloyada Parade (Hebrew)
Purim: A Jewish Thrift Shop Parody
Skokie Chabad: The Quest for Purim (Episode 3)
Purim Shpiel (Movie) pt 1
Purim Songs (with piano)
Purim Secrets Revealed (in less than a min.)
Purim Fun at Technion
Purim Spiel 2013 - Little Shop of Hamantaschen
Ani Purim, Chag Purim (songs)
SKA Purim Shpiel 2013
Ner Meshulem Wackier Purim Shpiel 2013
The Maccabeats - Purim Shpiel ft. Barack Obama and Friends
Designated Drinker Purim 2013
Purim Trouble based on Taylor Swift Trouble (woman singing)
Purim Trance Music
Bnai Akiva Shevet Nehman - I Need a Hero (Hebrew)
Glickman Purim Shpiel 2013
Let's All Do the HamenT.A.S.H. -- A New Dance for Purim
Dont Close the Mart - A Purim Story by Maimonides Academy 2013
Harry's Video Blog - Who Was That Masked Man?: Purim
Batman's Purim
The Ballad of Mordechai & Esther (A Purim Song)
PSC Weekend Purim Update 5773 (2013)
Purim 101 with Yacov & Rafi
The Voice Purim Party (Hebrew, animation)
Purim 2013 (photos and Move Like Graggers song)
Purim 2013 - Bible Museum Tour (Spiel, Hebrew)
Purim 2013 - 9th Grade performing "Thriller" dance
Purim Celebration in Arad
Israeli Knesset Memebers about Mishloach Manot
Purim And Learning To Stand Up For Jews Everywhere
MMY 5773 Purim Shpiel
Purim Shabbat Assembly
Wizard of Oy, A Purim Schpiel

Watch 51 Purim Videos 5772 - 2012
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The Book of Esther goes Western (English)
The Book of Esther goes Western (Hebrew)
Chabad Binghamton University Carnival Invite
Wild West Purim at Chabad Center in Metairie
The Shlomones - Good Groggin' Purim 2012
Tell the Story (Purim song)
Aish: Purim Animated
Shalom Sesame: Eli Celebrates Purim
Purim Time
"Kichel and Hamentasch"--by Brown and Griffin
They left us in the field - Leket Israel (Hebrew)
Menachem Horowitz Checks Out Oznei Haman (Hebrew)
Chabad of Dallas: Purim Fun House Trailer!!
The Rap'n Rabbi rocks Charlie's wedding singing Purim Purim
Be Happy It's Common Sense
Rabbi Eli Amar - About Megilat Esther (Hebrew)
San Migel Ibiza Spain Pre-Purim Carnival
Young Kid sings "Nichnas Adar"
Beni Akiva Special Mishloach Manot - Pesach Drive
Superpharm: How to Create Angry Bird (makeup, Hebrew)
Superpharm: How to Create A Butterfly (makeup, Hebrew)
Superpharm: How to Create A Pirate (makeup, Hebrew)
Beth Tzedec Purim - five years
Remix Purim Songs (Hebrew)
Shopping for Purim Costumes (Hebrew)
Dvar Torah Team Seuda Yellow HDS Color War 2012
NightOwls - The Purim Song
Mystical Paths Purim Charity video
Purim Singing Lips
Purim in Tel-Aviv 1932
Homentashen and Drinks for Purim (Yiddish cooking show)
Hamantasch Bakery
JJC Bolder: Welcome to Purim - parody of Welcome to the Jungle
A Whole Lotta Love! - Rabbi Yosef Edelstein
Purim and Prejudice... A Purim Story
Perfect Purim Hamantaschen Baked In Israel
Neveh Chana Charity Fair - Purim 5772
Super Saar 2012 Trailer
Lamplighter's Purim film
The Return of Hamantashen Man!
Purim at 3rd Grade of Aharonovitch School
Happy Purim from Ezer MiZion
The Lion King - Achashveirosh - Sleeps Tonight
PM Netanyahu: We Can Defend Ourselves (Hebrew)
Avraham Fried singing in Hebron, Purim 2012
EL AL Israel Airlines National Hamantaschen Eating Championship
Rabbi Landau on Purim
Purim on the Streets
Bnei Menashe Celebrating Purim in Manipur
Purim Fundacji Shalom (Purim Shpil in Warsaw, 2012)
Efrat Purim Shpiel 2012 - women's choir

Watch 43 Purim Videos 5771 - 2011
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Raise Your Mask Purim - The Fountainheads
The Maccabeats - Purim Song
The Maccabeats - Purim Song- LYRICS
Crash Course in Purim
Shalom Sesame: Purim Story
Purim 2011 - Promo for Megillah Mia | The ABBA Spiel
Happy Adar & Purim from Rebbetzin Tap!
The Purim Story for Kids
Learn Hebrew Purim Video
The Purim song and dance by St.Petersburg Hillel (I gotta feeling)
Purim 2011 - Kid's Face Makeup
Purim 2011 - Kid's Acting the Purim Story (in Hebrew)
Purim in Pictures (with Hebrew Purim songs)
Absurd vs Prim and Proper: Purim 5771 with Rabbi Machlis
Purim 2011 with Dingo and Joey
Chinese Purim
Hamantashen Man
Jag Purim
Joy, Unity, and Yes, WINE! L'chayim from Rabbi E. & MEOR DC
Netanya Hoops for Kids Purim
Purim Party 2011 Chabad at Texas A&M
Chabad Purim Party with Florida Panthers
Purim Night - Shake Your Grogger!
Ohr Hamizrach Purim Shpiel Trailer
Purim Songs from ShireiNU A Cappella (includes female singers)
Purim Shpiels, The Beatles, How The Jews Did Win (includes female singers)
The Purim Song - Maccabeats Parody
Happy Purim to the Kids at Rambam Hospital (Hebrew)
Purim Song - Groggers Up! by Young Israel of Toco Hills, Atlanta
Purim Might to the Tune of Dynamite
Purim Medely with the Twins From France
Rehov Shushan
Renat and YoYo (Hebrew)
Dror Denishman - Shoshanat Yakov 2011 (instrumental)
Hebrew Purim Songs (Israeli TV Show)
Purim Video Trailer 3 for 2011
Ahron Razel Mishenichnas Adar
Toys R US Hebrew Commercial
Happy Purim 2011
Neveh Channah Purim Fair
Purim Night - The Sternabeats
Umordechai Yatsah - Fun lively Purim Song

Watch 60 Purim Videos
Oldies but Goodies!
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Shlock Rock Purim 1991 - Humentashen
Text Lyrics of above Humentashen Song
Da Kine Maui Purim Story
Purim Play in Atlanta, USA (Hebrew, Part 2)
Purim 2008 festivities in Jerusalem (pg dressed)
Midrash Shmuel Purim 2008
Skokie Yeshiva Purim Shpiel '08 Part 2 of 8
Yeshiva of Far Rockaway - Purim Shpeil 2008- Part 1
Jewish News gets dressed up for Purim
Purim 2009, Mitzpeh Nevo, Maale Adumim, Israel
4th Annual Broadway Purim Shpiel (PG dressed)
The making of A Purim Spiel, Sims2 Style
Purim Hangover...VideoJew visits Chabad Party
Purim 2008 at Chabad, Sydney
Bobov Purim 2008
Purim 2007 Jerusalem in Synagogues (Italian and then Chassidi)
Purim 2008 - Anything Hollywood - Chabad of Bel Air
Purim Adloyada Parade in Nahariyya Israel 2007
Atlanta Purim Parade 2006
Adloyada Montreal 2007 עדלאידע מונטריאול Zviel
Bais Purim Shpiel 2006 - Trailers
Bais Idol 2007
Lecha Video Spoof
BA Whitefield Purim 2007 - Adon Olam
Efrat Purim Shpiel Husband Gemach 2006
Purim Potpourri (song)
Jessica Reiner-Harris: Beauty and the Beast Purim Style (song)
Ali G Purim (low sound)
Purim in Gan Charuv - 2007
Purim Party in Gan-Moria
The Purim Story (animated version)
Purim Operation Around the Country (Connection Israel)
The Chag Goes on Forever and Purim Never Ends
פורים ידיש חרדי הומור - Yiddish Charedi Humor
ריקוד פורים מועצת נוע"ם - Purim dance
עדלאידע פורים 2007 בית ספר ישגב - Purim Parade - Yisgav
מסיבת פורים - ח"כים - Ministers Purim Party
Purim at Cellcom
Berel the Clown gives Shalach Manot.
מחרוזת שירי פורים עוזי חיטמן חני נחמיאס - Uzi Chitman and Chani Nachmeis
Purim Homintaschen vs. Hannukah Latke debate
The Mendy Report: Purim Controversy
Persian Lottery - Interpretation of the Purim story (in Russian)
Purim Celebration in Kibbutz Hazorea
Purim Dance In Ofex (with Flinstones theme)
Siamsa - עדלאידע פורים תשס"ז, שבט אחיה בנים אלון שבות
Haman Song: a Purim rap
פורים 2008 במקסיקו סיטי - Mexico City
עפרה משתתפת בחגיגת פורים של החינוכית - includes Ofra Chaza
Toys R Us Purim 2008 Costume Show (in Russian)
Purim party at Chabad Kinor David kindergarten in Zagreb, Croatia
פורים 2008 כדורסלנים היובל
Purim 2008 Eizer L'Shabbos (in Tzefat)
Purim Reel 2008
The Megillah According to the Beatles part 1 of 2
MGS Purim Shpiel 2009
Aish: Lego Purim

Purim Pictures (not video)
Purim Adloyada Parade in Ma'ale Adumim (2013)
Purim Adloyada Parade in Ma'ale Adumim (2012)
Purim Adloyada Parade in Ma'ale Adumim (2011)
Purim in Ma'ale Adumim (2010)
Purim in Ma'ale Adumim (2009)
Purim Adloyada Parade in Ma'ale Adumim (2008)
Purim Adloyada Parade in Ma'ale Adumim (2007)

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