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Tu B'Shvat - 15th of Shvat 5777 - February 11, 2017

Updated: February 9, 2017

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On Tu b'Shevat - Morah Leah
Tu B'shevat song - I Wanna Be A Tree
Shalom Sesame Kids Talk About Tu Bishvat
Tu B'Shvat Annoying Orange
SvivaTeva TV: The story of Tu Bishvat (Hebrew)
10,000 Trees Destroyed in Israel's historic snow storm!
Learn Hebrew: Fruit
Sviva: Ideas about Tu B'Shvat (Hebrew)
Sviva: Ideas about Tu B'Shvat (English)
Tu B'Shvat Cartoon - The Nice Jewish Time Traveler
Planting is fun
Kids Revel in Fruity Festival
Tree-mendous Fun
JNF Presents: "Tu B'Shvat Rap"
Jerusalem Scouts Planting (with Hebrew song)
Yotzim Lachayim Planting (with Hebrew song)
Tu B'Shvat in Park Kfar Saba (Hebrew)
Tu B'Shvat Hafrat Keshev Band (Hebrew)
Tu B'Shvat at Yaar Bamachol (Hebrew Song / Dance)
Bet Avi Chai - Tu B'Shvat (Hebrew, how to plant)
Tu B'Shvat 5767 - 2007
Tu B'Shvat planting in memory of Yehuda Greenfield
Sabras - lessons in life
Did You Say Wine from Pomegranates?
JNF Is Israel
Tu Bishvat Global Seder 2007 Promo
Tu B'Shvat B'Katzrin
Va'ani Raeetee Brosh (Hebrew song)
Planting Trees at Havat Bet Ha'adom
Chazal on Trees (Hebrew)
Dekailm in Bet Hakerem (Hebrew)
Invite to Tu B'Shvat planting in Bluff Park
Hava Nagila - Andre Rieu e Klezmer - Tu Bishvat
Tu B'shevat song - Groundhog Noses
Tu Tu Tu B'shevat children's song
Harry's 4th Grade Tu B'shvat Play
Global Tu B'Shvat Videoconference
Tu B'Shvat - In Machane Yehuda - Jerusalem
Tu B'shevat Song by David Flugdor
Assaf Shelleg improvises on Yedidia Admon's Tu-Bishvat song
Tu-Bishvat in a Kindergarten and a Hebrew tree song
Tu-Bishvat Hebrew Song with words
Tu-Bishvat Hebrew Song with French explanantions
One Tree At a Time: Tu B'Shevat 5771 / 2011
Honi Comes Full Circle (A Tale for Tu B'shvat)
Rabbi Andrew Shaw: What is Tu B'Shevat?
Tree Planting in Itamar
Ambassador Shapiro plants an Olive Tree on Tu B'shvat
Happy Tu Bishvat greeting
Tu B'Shvat Songs (Hebrew)
HaShkeidiya Porachat (Hebrew song)
Tu B'Shvat Songs (Hebrew)
Tu B'Shvat Songs and Images (Hebrew)
Rinat Vivian Sings HaShkeidiya Porachat (Hebrew song)
KKL: How to plant a tree (Hebrew animation)
KKL: Story of a Seedling (Hebrew)
KKL: Tu B'Shvat Sameach (Hebrew)
Technion Nobel Roots - Tu B'shvat 2014 Israel
Tu BShvat in Kedumim of Shomron
Rav Ya'aqob Menashe on Tu B'Shevat... Do it Today and don't wait!
PM Netanyahu at an agricultural exhibit by the Volcani Center, for Tu B'Shvat (Hebrew)
Supersol: Grandmother's Mandelbread (Hebrew)
The Biblical Significance of Tu B'Shvat - Rabbi Tuly Weisz
Aish: Festival of Trees: Why Celebrate in the Dead of Winter?
Aish: Tu B'Shvat (Hebrew)
Rabbi B - Tu Bishvat is Here
Tu B'shevat Song for Children (Hebrew)

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