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Updated March 30, 2015

Learn Hebrew Passover Video

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Watch 26 Passover 5775 - 2015 Videos
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Passover Seder Rube Goldberg Machine from Technion in Israel
The Maccabeats - Dayenu - Passover
Six13 - Uptown Passover
Aish: Passover Funk - "Uptown Funk" Parody
Can't Eat This - Passover Parody (U Can't Touch This) by Julie Geller
Part the Waters song by Julie Geller
Boca Raton Hillel Day School Pesach Video
JJEP Happy For Pesach
Children's Pesach Hebrew Songs (Hop Channel)
A Bissel of Pesach
Passover Seders at the Home of Yiddish Writer Solomon Simon
Joy of Kosher: Creamy Peach & Banana Matzo Brie Bake
Chabad Naples: Model Matzah Bakery
The 2015 Pesach Miracle (commercial)
Not Just Kind, by Shlomo Horwitz
Hebrew Pesach Commercial (Supersol Deal)
Colel Chabad Pesach 2015
Happy Pesach! Pesach with Akiva 2015
Passover Seder - Mendy Pellin Stand up Comedy
Pesach Video Hand in Hand in Israel
6th Grade in Nahariah Israel making Matzot
Hebrew Pesach Commercial (Isracard)
Pesach is Coming - Time for Matzah Baking!
JMT: Sing Along with Us to Ma Nishtana (The Four Questions)
JFS Pesach Greeting 2015
Aryeh Rosenfield - Passover
Chabad 5 Towns Passover Music Video

Watch 58 Passover 5774 - 2014 Videos
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Six13 - Chozen (A Passover Tribute)
Aish: Let It Go: Passover Edition
The Pesach Blues from Oorah's Shmorg
Boys Town Jerusalem Choir: Dayenu
Now We Are Free - Fountainheads
Passover With A. K. P.
Let Them Go - Passover "Frozen" Parody - Matthew Rissien
The Harmonides: Let Us Go: Passover Song of Redemption
Bluegrass Dayenu: Passover Song By Mama Doni
Yahaduton: The Story of The Matzah
PM Netanyahu Bakes Matzo at Kfar Chabad Bakery
Let Us Go - Passover "Frozen" Parody
"Not Slaves Anymore" Passover Parody of Katy Perry's "Roar"
Pesach Seder Song Contest at KBA
Entirely Talia: P.A.S.S.O.V.E.R. (Rewrite of Fergie's song Glamorous)
NBN Pesach Greeting
Shalom Sesame: It's Passover, Grover!
Rabbi Brener: We Are All Born Free and Equal
Shavei Israel: A Chinese Jew sings v'hi sh'amda
Hillel JUC Passover 2014 - What Does Moses Say
Handmade is always better.
Dayanu (Hebrew song)
Betzet Yisrael Mimitzrayim (Hebrew Song)
It's Not Just Your Grandmother's Matzo Anymore
Passover Prank
Hebrew Commercial for Shopping at Supersol Deal
Grade 3 Music Passover Songs 2014
The Four Questions for Passover - Cantor Berger
Happy Passover from the Looli Channel
Hop Children's Channel: The 10 Plagues (Hebrew)
ShopRite Passover Kosherization
6 1/2 minutes to a Positive Pesach
Aish: You Are Not Alone
Let Us Go - Passover - "Let It Go" - "Frozen" Ukelele Parody
Tips for a Kid-Friendly Passover - Chaya Weisberg
Bernie Katzman - Ma Nishtana - Passover Songs and Piano Improvisations
JNTV: What's your favourite thing about Pesach?
Chag Pesach Sameach from Taldor (Hebrew)
4 Facts that You May Not Know about Pesach from Proso (Hebrew)
Mabat News: Cleaning the Kotel for Pesach (Hebrew)
Happy Passover from Jerusalem U
3 Minute Parenting, What's on Your Shoulder? Rabbi Y Freundlich (animated)
Ohr Meir and Bracha Pesach (food distribution for the needy)
CJDS Virtual Pesach Experience
Rabbi Buchwald: Preparing for Passover
Carmel A-Cappella: Semcha Raba Peasch Ba
Passover Dessert
Talk'n 'bout Pesach 2014
Tsfat Ladies Get Ready for Pesach
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's Insights into Chol HaMoed Pesach
Poem about "Matzah" by Rick Lupert
Lots and lots of Matzah
Lakeside Matzah Factory 2014
Happy Passover From the IDF
CBS This Morning: Manischewitz aims to grow business beyond Passover
Hakuna Matata Passover Style!
The Four Questions - Celtic Inspired version by Doni Zasloff & Eric Lindberg
"Happy" Passover from Beth El's ECC
"Happy" Passover 2014 from Liran Kapel

Watch 65 Passover 5773 - 2013 Videos
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Stuff People Say At The Seder
The Four Questions - by Mr. N and his sister (Hebrew)
Shopping for Passover at Megabool (Hebrew commercial)
Chag Gadyah (Hebrew song and animation)
Matzo Ball Soup Tasting at the Los Angeles Jewish Home
Passover: Breaking News
Passover: Breaking News (Hebrwe text version)
What Can You Do in 18 Minutes?
Saul Raskin Haggadah - Moishe Oysher Chad Gad Ya
Passover: You're Never Alone
The Maccabeats - Les Misrables - Passover
Six13 - Pesach Shop (2013 Passover Jam)
B'tzet Yisrael- Under the Sea
Tnuza Dairies Prepare for Pesach (Hebrew)
Passover Gifts from "And Joy" (workers with disabilities)
Spring Cleaning for Passover (woman cleaning and singing)
Avadim Hayinu by The Jack Goldenberg Show
Migdal Or Project: Donate for holiday food packages (Hebrew)
TMS 5th/6th grade - Bye, Pharaoh Baby!
Passover Harlem Shake - Chabad Intown Hebrew School
Chasidush News Daily - Pesach
The Barry Sisters sing Passover songs in Yiddish
Origami Frog for Passover
Passover Pineapple Kugel or Dessert
Rabbi Moshe Stavsky- Pesach Dvar Torah (English)
Passover Songs with Dror and his Guitar (Hebrew)
Rav Shai Neve - Pesach Drasha (Hebrew)
Chad Gadyah - Yemen Version (Hebrew)
Passover Haggadah - Yemen Version (Hebrew)
Ma Nishtana (Hillel in Hungary)
Ma Nishtana - Gaston Brian Gliksztein (and piano)
Making Matzot at Moshav Tirat Yehudah
Rabbi T's Passover Cleaning Guide
Passover by Jacob W (with Lego)
Eretz Nehederet: Momi and Shirel Make a Passover Seder
(Hebrew satire)
Chad Gadya (app)
The 10 Plagues
Lecha Dodi @ Matzah Bakery on Erev Shabbos
Chag Sameach from Haifa
Pesach Activities - Feed Israel
Lots of Motzah (kids singing)
Rabbi Riskin on Parshat Tzav - "Torah Lights" Shabbat HaGadol 5773
Amutat Tachlit - Erev Pesach
Kindergarten Pesach Show
AMIT Celebrates Passover 2013
Jewish Federation: Passover 2013
Don't Sit on the Afikomen
5 minute Haggada
Kinderlach and Lipa Schmeltzer - Echad Mi Yodayah
Chag Sameach from Yad L'isha
Ptex Group Passover Message
Part the Waters: A Passover Song by Julie Geller
Webdvar Pesach 5773 - Eliezer Zwickler
Matzah Makes Me Happy - Rabbi David Sirull (Passover Song)
Joy of Kosher: Matzo Ball Recipe - Light and Fluffy
Will You Let Us Go - Passover Song to "Take A Chance On Me"
Pesach Sameach from the Soldiers of the IDF (Hebrew)
Kosher for Pesach
Pesach Piano Medley - Mendy Portnoy
Moses and the Passover Story - The Kids Version
Hebrew Commercial for Ta'pu'chips
Knesset Seder for Pollard (Hebrew)
The Last Passover in the Warsaw Ghetto (Hebrew and English)
Birkas Kohanim Chol Hamoed Pesach 2013 at the Western Wall 5773
Keren Kayemet L'Yisrael: Tour Israel during Pesach

Watch 51 Passover 5772 - 2012 Videos
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Passover Rhapsody - A Jewish Rock Opera
"Mission Immatzoble" Passover song by Mama Doni
Breakin' Free - Fountainheads Passover
Supersol Deal Hebrew Commercial
The Seder Plate Champion
Street Survey about Pesach (Hebrew)
Baking Matzot at Orot Eliyahu
Aviv AMCG Passover Wishes (Echad Mi Yodeah)
Betzet Yisrael Mimitzraim - Yoni Ganot
'Vehi Sheamda' - Chief Rabbi's Pesach Message featuring Yaakov Shwekey
Passover at the Safari
Happy Passover from IDF Soldiers
Recipe for Passover Marzipan Cookies (Hebrew)
Happy Passover from Mever Lareshet
The Makeh Of Arbeh - My Pesach Project
Alim Passover Trailer
Libyan Passover Customs (Hebrew)
How to Bake Matzos (Meirovitz matzoh bakery)
Passover Greetings from Dizengoff Center - Leket Israel
Gaming the 10 Plagues
The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington 2012 Passover Video
Gesher: Passover Seder for People with Disabilities
Happy Pesach from Ripple Productions
Mah Nishtanah (trance music)
Pesach and your Pets
Rabbi Yonah Metzger on Mah Neshtana (Hebrew)
The Wondering Jew: Passover Stuff
Weitzman School singing Echad Mi Yodeah
Ambassador Shapiro and his wife on an insightful tour of Meah She'arim
Medieval Passover Song - TanenbaumCHAT
Seder Melodies: Introduction Part 1 (Cantor Jack Chomsky)
Channel Two and Rav Grossman about Migdal Or (Hebrew)
Cellcom Commercial - Family is the Best Gift
Stuff People say on Pesach
Rotem Passover 2012
(I Can't Take) Another Bad Seder
Passover Animation:Moses Splits the Sea
Halacha on leaning and drinking (Hebrew)
Seder Rap
AMIT Celebrates Pesach 2012
You are my Brother
Happy Passover Bro! (Hebrew with English subtitles)
A Pesach Musical Greeting from Ramah Darom!
Matzah is Dancing Salsa - The Passover FlashMob from Paris, France ! (men and women)
Checking for Chometz Trailer Passover 2012
Rocky Mountain Jewgrass: Mah Nishtana - A few NEW questions...
Envisioning Freedom - Passover Video
Seder in ethiopian community
Baking Passover Matzah in Israel's Heartland
Israelis Buy Matzah during Passover
Bye Bye Mr. Pharaoh Goodbye

Watch 173 Passover Videos
Oldies but Goodies!
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Google Exodus
If Moses had Facebook (Hebrew version of Google Exodus)
Shalom Sesame - Les Matzarables
Dayenu, Coming Home - The Fountainheads Passover Song
Matzah Madness
The Passover Seder Symbols Song
2011 Crash Course on Passover
Learn Hebrew Passover Video
Pesach Slide Show
Rashi Second Graders Sing: "Let My People Go"
Mah Nishtanah
I'm Going to a Seder - Passover
Six13: P-A-S-S-O-V-E-R
Just Had Chametz - Kol Ish - Passover
Passover with David Rubinfeld 5771
To who are you selling your chametz to? (Hebrew)
Trey Kaley, Passover Parody
Passover: What's the word on the street?
My Seder Plate
Passover Song Forget You Parody
Teachers Sing Passover Songs
20 Things To Do With Matzah
Jewish Federation: This Passover 2011/5771
How is it that the Jew continues to survive?
Passover 2011 with Rav Machlis
Pesach 2011 - Gemach Tagel Haaretz - Gemilut Hasidim
Pesach 2011 - Meir Panim Campaign
AskMoses: Passover - what is it?
Matzo Man
Passover Cleaning
AskMoses: Why eat Matzah on Passover?
Who Let The Jews Out
Shalom Sesame - Kids Talk: The Passover Story
Shalom Sesame - Kids Talk: The Four Questions
Shalom Sesame - Jake Gyllenhaal and the Afikomen
Sixty Second Seder
Pesach Video 5771 - Baking Matza Yehsivat Har Etzion
Pesach 5771 - Guide to Baking Matza - Tirat Yehuda
Passover 2011 - Seder Plate - The Macaroons
Best Seder in the USA (The Passover Song)
Let My People Grow
Hot Passover Commercial (Hebrew)
Jib Jab Matzah! (rated PG)
JewFAQ Seder Pt. 1: The Seder Plate
JewFAQ Seder Pt. 2: Kaddeish, Urechatz, Karpas, Yachatz
Seder Plate Basics for Passover JewU 23
Why Is This Night Different? The 4 Questions in English
Leah singing Passover 4 questions
Mojo: Learn About Passover
Passover Blues
Passover 2008: Get Down with Moses
Japanese Passover Tip
Matza Passover 2009
Passover Report
The Story of Passover in 7 minutes
The Matzah Challenge
Happy Passover from Taglit-birthright israel!
Matzah Solution - Happy Passover from ICS
Ofra Haza - Deliver Us (Prince of Egypt, English)
Shlock Rock - "Seder Too" Queens College
Echad Mi Yodea אחד מי יודע (female singer / guitarist)
Race of "Had Gadya Song" for Passover Seder
The Ten Plagues by Mark
The Prince of Egypt - The Plagues
Moshe's Rap
Ron Sings A Pesach Song
The Gefilte Fish Chronicles
Passover Recipe - Kosher Brownies
How to make Gefiltefish for Passover
Passover Medley - Temple Shir Shalom Sunday School
Are you Smarter than a 10 year old Passover Dilemma
"Would've Been Enough" (Dayenu Remix) (low sound)
Project Reconnect Passover Rap
The Four Sons : Bagel Blvd Passover Edition
Four Questions Rap - Bagel Blvd
Jake Epp Passover Seder 2007 - The 4 Questions
Passover - Seder or Stampede?
Pesach 2007 in the Bronx
Passover Seder with the Cohens
Seder Pesach in Salvador
Birkat Cohanim Chol Hamoed Pesach 5767
The Aviv Matzha Story
Matzah Baking
Bread vs. Matza (#4): Mischief!
The Shtick - Pesach Special 2007 Segment 3
Jennie Singing Passover
Dayenu! A Tot Passover Seder (Carol Boyd Leon)
Aunt Gert Passover Song
The 4 Passover questions in Yiddish (and English)
Model Seder (kids)
Passover in Warsaw Part 5/5
I Will Free You
The SSDS Passover Song
The Barry Sisters Tribute - Passover Yiddish Medley
קומפיוקול בברכת חג פסח שמח - Compucall Happy Passover
Had Gadia חד גדיה (father and daughter)
Chad Gadya (English version)
Chad Gadya (Hebrew version after 4 glasses of wine)
Matzah Pyramid Building Demonstration
Zezak Family Passover 2008 (in the desert)
Rise and Shine, It's Matzah Ball Time
Matzah-Rena! (New Dance)
Granny Ruchama makes jewish traditional passover food (Hebrew)
Matzah Ball Madness - How to make matzah ball soup
Passover Seder Song With Hand Motions
Happy Digger Passover !
Happy Passover from Charlie, the Kosher Cocker-Spaniel.
Uncle Jay Explains Passover
Chad Gadya" by the Yiddish Twist Orchestra
Ten Plagues (Hebrew song, Yarom Gaon singing)
Ten Plagues (Hebrew animation)
Robotic Seder
HOT Cable Hebrew Passover Commercial for VOD
Hot Cable Hebrew Passover Commercial - Passover Action
Meir Panim Hebrew Passover Appeal
Aish: The Great Escape
Jewish Federation - Why Passover is Different this Year
Dayeinu (Hebrew, Sephardi)
My Favorite Things - A Passover Parody
Shmura Matza Baking in Jerusalem
Hand Made Matza Baking w/ David Sussman
The Lateral Recliner for Passover
Web Yeshiva: Removing Chametz From Your Home
Had Gadya in Arabic (Moroccan singer)
Chad Gadya in Yiddish by Moishe Oysher
Simcha Raba (song) - Rechov SumSum
Pesach Ba (song) - Rechov SumSum (Hebrew Sesame Street)
Commercial for GPS (Hebrew)
Kenny Ellis - It's a Matzoh Ball
KJJL 12 Chad Gadya
Pessach Pelephone Commercial
Echad Mi Yodeah around the table
Pesach Seder at Brandeis School Herzliya 2008-II
Abbey's Pesach Medley (3 year old)
Matzoh in 18 mins
Avadim Hayenu sung by the Weinstein Girls
Shlomo Carlebach Favorite Seder Story
zezak family passover 2009
Jackie Mason's Passover Seder
Survivor Seder
Passover Rhapsody
Hanna Rovina - Karev Yom (a day is coming) 1980
The Passover Seder...With the Four Sons! (animation)
Matzo Ball Olympics
Omri Naor - Ma Nishtana (instrumental)
The Passover Rap
Chag Sameach from Oorah (animation)
Passover Food Shopping Yiddish Style
Passover foods worth eating
Delicious Passover Food
Pesach Greeting Card Instruction
Weekly Halacha: "Pesach Just Doesn't Feel Right Anymore"
Are You Free - 90 Second Passover Promo
China TV - Cleaning before Passover
London Matzo Packing
What do you like about Passover?
Passover Seder Song with Rebbetzin Tap!
I Will Survive - Pesach Cleaning Song
Passover Tik Tok
Great Inventions for Passover
Fabrication Des Matsot De Pessah (French)
Yes Passover Commercial
Miss My Warm Pecan Pie - "American Pie" Passover Parody
Fun with Seder's Four Questions school-wide project (multi-lingual)
Passover - Dayeinu
KolHaOt Passover
Tawil and friends celebrate Passover (Latma, Politics)
Passover Preparations with Yishai and Malkah in Israel
A Half-Baked Passover History Mystery cartoon
Echad Mi Yodea lyrics and translation
Jewish Passover Music Video
Harry's Video Blog: Tomorrowland: Passover

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