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Updated: April 13, 2014

Selected Funny Stuff - Passover
16 Passover Songs (very good)
Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids Haggadah
Once upon a time....
No Chrain?
Passover Quiz
Pharaoh and the Plagues
The Computer Engineer's Haggadah
The Dr. Seuss 4 questions
Twas The Night After Seder
Knighted by the Queen
What to Eat
Building Airplanes
Pesach lunch
At Hebrew School
An Adam Sandler Passover
The 10 Plagues
Seder Pickup Lines
Bitter Herb
The Four Questionables - Shlock Rock
Into The Sea - Shlock Rock
Halachik Issues for Peisach
Pesach and Use of the Web
Banned from Egypt
The Minus Y2K Bug - What Really Plagued Ancient Egypt
Aren't you Moses?
Exodus: On the Light Side
Exodus of the 3 Stooges
Sinai Wilderness Experience
Passover Story by The New York Times
Passover Song (tune of Hotel California)
The Dysfunctional Family Seder Survival Guide
The Passover Play
Top Ten failed Passover Promotions
Passover Songs (Beatles Paradoy)
HIP To Offer Passover Insurance
Passover Story (tune of "The Brady Bunch")
Moses (tune of "The Flintstones")
The Plague Song (tune of "This Old Man” )
Matzah Shmurah! (tune of “That’s Amore”)
Passover Sages, Be Wary, It’s Time ( “Scarborough Fair”)
Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda (tune of "Camp Granada")
Pharaoh, Pharaoh (tune of "Louie, Louie")
Pesach Macarena (tune of "Macarena")
Leaving On a Desert Plane (tune of "Leaving on a Jet Plane")
The Seder Plate Song (tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star")
Those Were the Plagues (tune of "Those Were the Days")
Haroset (tune of "Brown Sugar")
The Ten Plagues (tune of "Adams Family")
Too Much Passover Cleaning (10 pictures)
The Matzah Show (tune of "The Muppet Show")
We Didn't Start The Seder (tune of "We didn't Start the Fire")
Rock and Roll Haggadah (tune of "Pinball Wizard")
Let Them Go (tune of "Let It Snow")
A Startling Find
Love Passover Cleaning
Special Passover Matzot
No Chametz
Follow Me
Passover for Dummies
Facebook Haggadah (beginning part)
Got Matzoh, Need Prunes
Uh Oh
Dress Up
Bad Marketing Research
Passover Fashions
Pigeons and Passover
Google Chometz Search
Pesach Cleaning 2010
First Plague as reported on Twitter
5 Passover Songs (PDF format 5k)
We Were Slaves
Disco Deliverance: "We Will Survive"
They Finally Got It Right
Papyrus Newspaper Headlines for the Seder
Sez Who? Pessach Riddles for Kids
Miss My Warm Pecan Pie (tune of Don McLean's "American Pie")
The Dark Knight Rises...
Kneidel Man
Let My People Stay
No Bread?!
Nissan - Chodesh Tov
My Car is Ready for Pesach
Time Spent During the Seder
Let My People Go
Moses as a Lifeguard
People Who Enjoy the Taste of Matzah
Dayenu Chart
A Heavenly Break
The Passover Police
The Four Questions of the Seder
Kids Sense Pesach
Live Long and Matzot
Moses' Childhood
Everyone's Going to Tablets
Little Moses
Moses and Coffee
Ten Plagues Fingernails
Bloomberg Limits Seder Portions
Morty's Passover Cleaning
The Passover House
Passover Riddles
Passover Tie
Many Choices
It's the Economy
The New Pharaoh
Moses on Facebook
Matzah Map of Israel
Ten Plagues Finger Puppets
Nothing to Eat
Pesach Crime Scene
Next Generation Bedikat Chametz

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