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Updated: February 8, 2015

My English Hebrew Dictionary

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

Hebrew Songs with Video/Audio,
Hebrew Nikud (vowels), and an English translation.

Learn Hebrew Signs

The Hebrew Language - Learn Hebrew Resources

My Jewish Games: Language Match Game,
    Word Search Game, Hebrew Hangman

The Aleph-Bet Page

Learn Hebrew Tongue Twisters

They Spoke Hebrew
    Hebrew scenes from popular movies and television shows

My Hebrew Programs (includes the Hebrew Sign Maker)

My Hebrew Songbook

Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh

The Hebrew Language - Virtual Hebrew Keyboards
Online Hebrew Newspapers and Radio Stations
Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio
Learn Hebrew Verbs
My Hebrew Dictionary
Safa Ivrit (Hebrew lessons in Hebrew)
Speak Hebrew with Moshe and Leah (Flash)
Hebrew Podcasts
Behrman House Online Ulpan Aleph
Morfix Dictionary
Ehebrew - English Hebrew Dictionary By Subject
Hebrewsongs.com - transliterated song words
Navigating the Bible (audio and translation)
Virtual Cantor (free MP3 prayer songs)
Learn Hebrew Prayers (text and audio)
Hebrew Glossary by Devorah (transliterations)
Jewish Websight: Aleph Place
Aleph-Bet on the Net (tutorials)
Microsoft's English-Hebrew Glossary (req. Hebrew font)
Learn Hebrew (phrases)
Israeli Dance Australia: Transliterated Hebrew Songs
How to Write the AlefBet (animated)
Torah Tots - All About the Hebrew Alphabet
Torah Tots - Hebrew Alphabet Coloring Book
Akhlah: Jewish Children's Coloring Book (Alef-Bet)
Aleph Land - Learning the Hebrew Letters
The Hebrew Bible - Transliterated and Translated
Hebrew Keyboard Tutor
Hebrew Typing Tutor
Hebrew Keyboards
Hebrew for Web Browsers
Mikledet - Hebrew Virtual Keyboard
Overview / History of Hebrew
Hebrew Abbreviations
NJOP: Hear The Hebrew Alphabet
A Picnic with Friends (Java Required)
Jewish Agency: The Hebrew Corner
Jewish FAQ: The Hebrew Alphabet
Chabad: Letters of Light (religious meaning of letters)
Hebrew Letter Charts
Microsoft Hebrew Keyboard Layout
Hebrew Keyboard Layout (larger layout)
Typing Nikud in Hebrew Microsoft Word
Ukindia: Learn Hebrew
Hevenu Shalom Aleikhem: Learning Hebrew
Academy of the Hebrew Language
Hebrew Tongue Twisters (inside My Hebrew Songbook)
Hebrew Tongue Twisters (pronounced in English)
Picture Dictionary
Morim (Hebrew, English, French)
Jewish Glossary (Jewish, Hebrew, Yiddish)
Transparent.com Hebrew/English Monthly Newsletter
Hebrew Resources - Hebrew Discussion Board (in English)
List of Hebrew Authors (in English)
Learning Hebrew - Russian Site
Virtual Hebrew Ulpan - Russian Site
North America Database of Language Courses
Chart of Comparative Hebrew Alphabets
Hebrew Self-Study Yahoo Group
Israele.net: Ebraico (Italian site)
Stone Foundation: Free Learn Hebrew Program
The Virtual Picture Album - Israel
Snoopi Automatic Nikud (Hebrew)
Hebrew Names of the Periodic Table (ie: Oxygen)
Hebrew English Fish Chart
Technionary: Hebrew Words (audio + game)
Yale University Library - Hebraica Team
Genetics glossary (Hebrew<->English)
Infomed - Hebrew Medical Glossary
American Slang Dictionary (English-Hebrew)
Walla Finance Dictionary (Hebrew only)
Milingua - Hebrew Beginners Course
Alphy (3 free young kid games)
Hebrew Visions - Digital texts in Hebrew Braille
Project Ben-Yehuda (free Hebrew books online)
Learn the Hebrew Alefbet
Learn to Read Hebrew
Scramble Me (game)
Balashon Blog (Hebrew words and phrases)
Hebrew Keyboard Emulator
Centre National de l'Hebreu (French - Hebrew)
Talk Hebrew Online Forum
Virtual Ulpan
Torah and Israel: Learn Hebrew
Hebrew Songs and Lyrics
Hebrew Language Resources
Commercial Programs (NOT a recommendation list)
T.E.S. - Online Store
Davka - Online Store
Hebrew Today (Yansuf newspaper with nikud)
Hebrew Prayer Learning Series
Hebrew 4U
Ravmilim: English to Hebrew Dictionary
Aleph Champ
Teebrews - Hebrew Alphabet T-Shirts
Instant Hebrew Video
Learn Hebrew Pod (podcasts)
Hebrew Ulpan
Home Ulpan
English Hebrew by Subject
Read The Hebrew Bible
Hinneh - An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew Names
My Hebrew Name
AISH: Choosing a Hebrew Name
Emohel: Hebrew Naming Guide
Zooloo: Baby Names & Meanings (in Hebrew)
Baby Name Network: Names and Definitions
Behind the Name: Jewish Names
Hanefesh: Hebrew Names with Translations
Circumcision.net: Hebrew Names
JewishGen: The Given Names Data Bases
Judaism 101: Jewish Names / Hebrew Names
Avotaynu Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
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Jewish: Software (JR Hotsites)
3 Year Jewish Holiday Calendar

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