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Updated: May 13, 2016

Selected Shabbat Sites
Jewish Virtual Library: What is Shabbat? About Shabbat
Chabad: What is Shabbat?
Aish: Shabbat, Shabbos, Sabbath
Judaism 101: Shabbat
Ask Moses: How is Shabbat celebrated?
Torah Tots: All about Shabbat
Akhlah: Shabbat
BJE: Shabbat Explained to Kids
JOI: What is Shabbat and how is it celebrated?
SCJ FAQ: Shabbat Observance

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times
Chabad: Candle-Lighting Times for Shabbat
Aish: Candle-Lighting Times for Shabbat
Hebcal: Candle-Lighting Times for Shabbat


English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets

Learn 24 Shabbat Phrases

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio


Learn Hebrew Phrases
Study Sheets

The Weekly Torah Portion
NCSY Torah Tidbits
Rabbi Riskin - "Shabbat Shalom"
Torah Tots (children)
Torah from Dixie Archives
Chabad Weekly Torah Lectures
Internet Parsha Sheet
Akhlah Torah
Sermons the Year 'Round
Rabbi Wein Weekly Parsha
Shema Yisrael (16 choices)
United Synagogue Daf
Torah Vort
Aish: Insights into the Parasha
Shraga's Weekly

The Weekly Torah Portion in Hebrew
Bar-Ilan University
Machon Meir
Yeshivat Bet El
Yeshivat Et Zion
Israel Ministry of Justice

Hebrew Sites about Shabbat
Chagim: Shabbat
Chabad: Shabbat
Chabad: Bashavuah Newsletter
Matach: Shabbat
Daat: Shabbat Articles
Russian Sites
Machanaim: Shabbat Shabbat
Chabad: Shabbat
Masuah: Shabat
Chabad: Shabat Shabat
French Sites
Modia: Chabbate
Chabad: Le Chabbat
Portuguese Sites
Chabad Shabbat
Web Judaica - Shabbat
Chabad: Schabbat
Chabad: Lo Shabbat

Find a Spot for Shabbat

The Shabbat Project

Anywhere in Israel

Jeff Sedidels' Get Shabbat

Shabbat Israelit

Kveller: What to Expect at a Shabbat Dinner

Recipes for Shabbat Dishes

Cyber Kitchen Bread / Challah Recipes

Jewish Food List - Challot Recipes

Chabad: Challah Recipes

Cyber Kitchen - Cholent Recipes

Jewish Food List - Cholent Recipes

Chabad: Cholent Recipes

Cyber Kitchen - Kugel Recipes

Jewish Food List - Kugels Recipes

Chabad: Kugels Recipes

Cyber Kitchen - Fish Recipes

Jewish-Food List - Fish Receipes

Chabad: Gefilte Fish Recipes

Shabbat Clip Art

The Jewish Clipart Database: Shabbat

Coloring Pages about Shabbat

Akhlah Coloring Pages

Torah Tots: The 39 Melachot Coloring Pages

My Jewish Games Coloring Book (in Flash)

Learn Hebrew Phrases - Shabbat

Over 50 YouTube Videos about Shabbat

Shabbat Songs and Prayers

Siddur Audio: Shabbat Prayers and Songs (mp3s)

Aish: Shabbat Songs with Audio and Text

Simple to Remember: Shabbat Songs and Zmirot (mp3s)

Virtual Cantor: Friday Night - Kabbalat Shabbat (mp3s)

Virtual Cantor: Saturday at Home (mp3s)

Chabad: The Shabbat Synagogue Companion

My Hebrew Songbook - Shabbat Sons with Nikud (vowels)

Hebrew Songs: Shabbat


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