They Spoke Hebrew!!

They Spoke Hebrew!!

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They Spoke Hebrew!! #1

Hebrew scenes from popular movies and television shows.
Everything from MASH to House.
Something for everyone.

The names of the movies and TV shows of all
three videos are listed below after the videos.

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They Spoke Hebrew!! #2

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They Spoke Hebrew!! #3

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They Spoke Hebrew!!
MASH, The Simpsons (2x), Wonder Years (2x),
Third Rock From the Sun, Private Benjamin, Defiance,
The Frisco Kid (2x), Fiddler on the Roof,
Cast a Giant Shadow, NCIS (2x),House

They Spoke Hebrew!! #2
Quantum Leap, All in the Family, The Three Stooges,
Law And Order, X-files, No Ordinary Family,
Northern Exposure (2x), Yentl, The Waltons, Gossip Girl,
Family Guy, Seinfeld, Weeds, Covert Affairs (2x)

They Spoke Hebrew!! #3
The Dick Van Dyke Show, Keeping up with the Steins (2x),
Schindler's List, Homicide - Life On The Street, Babylon 5 (2x),
Brothers and Sisters, Greg and Dharma,
The Hebrew Hammer (2x),
Mivtsa Yonatan (Operation Thunderbolt), Macgyver,
Magnum PI (2x), How I Met Your Mother (2x),

My Playlist of Hebrew Songs on Spotify

US Vice President Mike Pence recites
the Hebrew "shehecheyanu" blessing in the Knesset
in honor of Israel's upcoming 70th anniversary.

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US VP Mike Pence's full 32 minute Knesset speech is posted on youtube at:

Free Online Resources to Learn Hebrew

Clicking on a site below will open another browser window

The Alef-Bet Page

The Alef-Bet Page has online and printable Hebrew alphabet charts which include the Hebrew letters in three formats: block, script, and Rashi. The charts also have the numeric value of each letter.

My English Hebrew Dictionary

Over 400 English - Hebrew Vocabulary Study Sheets
Hebrew with Nikud (vowels)
English translations and transliterations
Organized by topics with printable study sheets

Learn Hebrew Signs

Modern Hebrew in Everyday Use
The site includes over 450 photos of Hebrew signs.
Below each photo is the Hebrew text with nikud (vowels)
and an English translation of the text.

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

1,215 Hebrew phrases with Nikud (vowels) and Transliterations and Translations in 4 languages

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio - Jerusalem

For additional Learn Hebrew videos click:

Hebrew Songs with Video / Audio

Hebrew Songs with Nikud (vowels)
and English Translations

My Jewish Games

Language Match Game with Audio
Multilingual Wordsearch (English, Hebrew, Russian)
Hebrew Hangman

The Hebrew Language

Portal of free online resources
to assist in learning Hebrew.
The site has 16 categories of useful links
including Alphabet, Biblical, Dictionaries, Fonts,
Forums, Games, Movies, Names, News/Blogs,
Reading, Songs, Texts, TV/Radio, Tutorials,
Ulpan, Vocabulary, and Writing.

Hebrew Jokes - Learn Hebrew and Laugh

Each joke is displayed in Hebrew with Nikud,
and there is an English translation of the joke.
The jokes are suitable for all ages.
Reading jokes in Hebrew can be a fun activity
in your ulpan or Hebrew class.
Even native Hebrew speakers will find jokes that
are worth telling their friends.

Learn Hebrew with Pictures and Audio

Over 400 Hebrew terms with images, audio,
Hebrew with Nikud, English translations
and English transliterations

My Hebrew Songbook

Over 200 Hebrew songs.
You can view any song online
or create printed song sheets
with several songs together for a sing along.
All songs include Hebrew nikud (vowels).

The Hebrew Sign Maker

Print Hebrew signs without Hebrew support.
There are 11 fonts and two sizes to choose from.
There are two special script trace fonts
that will help your students learn
how to write Hebrew script.

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