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Updated: November 17, 2013

The Weekly Torah Portion
NCSY Torah tidbits Torah Fax in CyberSpace
Torah from Dixie Plantation Torah Tots (children)
Torah Bytes (Rabbi Shlomo Riskin) Jewish Path: Weekly Parsha
Chabad Weekly Torah Lectures Torah Analysis (Hebrew)
Bar-Ilan Artilces (Hebrew) Bar-Ilan Articles (English)
Hamaayan / The Torah Spring Milk N Honey - Torah Parsha
The Virtual Beit Midrash A Taste of Torah (Rabbi A. Weiss)
Parshas HaShavua (16 different ) Machon Meir (Hebrew)
Rabbi Berel Wein - Weekly Jpost Audio Rabbi Berel Wein Parsha Pages
Yeshiva Ohr Tmimim (Chabad) AishDas - Mesukim MiDevash
Rabbi Buchwald Weekly Address Parsha Encounters
D'Var Torah by Rabbi Lederman Parsha Page by Fred Toczek
Aish: Insights into the Parasha Shraga's Weekly
Akhlah: Children's Parsha Torah Outreach Program (Heb & Eng)
Kol Torah Parsha Page Viejuive (French)
Kipa: Parshat Hashavua (Hebrew) What's Bothering Rashi (Bonchek)
Rav Mordechai Alon Shiurim (H & E) Shabbat BeShabato (Hebrew, PDF)
Yeshivat Bet El: Parshat HaShavua (Eng) Yeshivat Bet El: Parshat HaShavua (Heb)
Rav Kook on the Weekly Torah Portion Chochmat Yavneh (English & Hebrew)
Eretz Hemdah: 60 Seconds on the Parsha Weekly Thoughts with M. Wollenberg
Tanach Study Center (English) Tanach Study Center (Hebrew, in Word)
Torah Stories Yeshiva Bat Ayin Weekly Daf Weekly Parsha Haftorah Man
Divrei-Tora: Parsha (Hebrew) Amit: Parsha (Hebrew)
Amit Children: Tanach Yomi Nishmat - Torah Study for Women
KOE Divrei Torah Parsha - Nechama Leibovitz (Hebrew)
ParshaParts Torah Portion Blog
Learning Torah Internet Parsha Sheet
OzTorah Torah Place - index of Divrei Torah (Parsha)
Torah Vort
Sermons The Year 'Round by Rabbi Berzon Z"L

Daily Information
OU: Candle Lighting Times
Chabad: Global Shabbat Candle Lighting Times
My Zmanim
Sunrise/Sunset Information
Hebrew Calendars & Date Conversion (JR Hotsites)
Worldwide Database of Dafyomi Shiurim
The Brachot Site
Daily Tehilim
e-Daf (Daf Yomi + Complete Shas Online) Daf Notes (Daf Yomi)
Daily Mishna My Siddur
Walk Through the Morning Prayers The Transliterated Siddur
Friday Night Siddur (Acrobat Format) Sidur Audio (MP3's of prayers)
Tefillos (selected prayers) Kakatuv (selected prayers in PDF format)
Prayer for the Israeli MIA's Prayer for the Israeli MIA's (Hebrew - PDF)
Prayers for Medinat Yisrael and the IDF (JR Prayers)
Daf Yomi 4 Kids (subscription based)
Audio Lectures - Audio and Video (hundreds of hours, lectures and songs)
Navigating the Bible (audio and translation)
Learn Hebrew Prayers (text and audio)
YU: Shiur Net (real audio Parsha Laining)
MP3 Shiur - mp3's on Halacha, Gemorah and Hashkofoh
Daf Yomi (Yiddish) (English)
Chabad of Beverly Hills Think Jewish
Rabbi Leff Shiurim Rabbi Eli Mansour Shiurim
Yerushalmi Online: Daf Yomi Pure Torah (opens with sound / movie)
Tiferes Menachem Audio Library Aish HaTorah Audio
Rav Mordechai Alon Audio Shiurs (Hebrew) Torah Media
Parsha Shiurim by Rabbi Eisemann My Shiur - Daf Yomi in Hebrew
Chabad Jewish Audio and Video Lidrosh Torah Audio
Audio Shiurim by Rav Nissan Kaplan The Shmuz - audio and video shiurim
KMTT - the Torah Podcast (English) KMTT - the Torah Podcast (Hebrew)
Torah from the Kollel of Dallas Bergen County Beis Medrash
Torah Any Time

Torah Text / Transliterations / Related
ORT: The Torah - English Translation and Hebrew Audio
Hebrew Bible - Transliterated & Translated English Translation of the Torah
Snunit: On-Line Hebrew Bible Text Sacred Texts (English translation )
Transliterated / Translated Torah Chumash Search
Ellie's Torah Trope Tutor Torah Lein
The Rashi Database Archives Talmud Bavli (Hebrew)
Chabad: Online Line Torah Reading - Human Bible Project
All about Torah Scrolls - Sefer Torah
Wikisource: Shulchan Aruch

Bar / Bat Mitzvah
My Bar Mitvzah (Bar / Bat Mitzvah Resources - JR Site)
Jewish FAQ: Bar / Bat Mitvzah Barmitzva is for life
Aish: What is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ? Putting on the Tefillin
A Special Celebration Adolescence and Social Responsibility
Find your Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parhsa How to prepare a Dvar Torah (speech)
Taamim - tunes and melodies used in reading scripture
Chabad: Entering Adulthood - the Bar and Bat Mitzvah
Stam: What is Tefillin ?

Jewish Marriage
Everything Jewish: Jewish Wedding Guide Jewish Wedding Guide
Jewish Wedding - Wedding Traditions SCJ-FAQ: Woman and Marriage
Jewish Wedding Customs Marriage
Neveh: Laws of Family Purity Itim: Marriage (English / Hebrew / Russian)

Hashmita - Orzar Ha'eretz (H & E)
Halachayomit: Rabas Shemita (H)
Daat: Glossary of Shemita Terms (H)
Daat: Shmita Calendars / Time tables (Word docs, H)
Machon Torah Ve'Haaretz: 7th Year Halachot (H)
Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim: Halachot Shmita (E)
Jewish National Library: History of the Shmitta Controversy (H)
Young Israel Rabbis:Shmittah 5768 - A Practical Guide - 41 pages (PDF, E)
R' Aharon Lichtenstein lecture: The Dilemma od Shemitta Today (RTF, E)
Facebook Group: Shmita 5768
Yahoo Mailing list: Shmitta
   Blog Entries on Shmita
Tsmicha Blog
Muqata Blog
Life in Israel
A Mother in Israel: A Trip to the Shmitta Store

Learning Sources
Judaism 101 Judaism 101: Signs and Symbols
Judaism 101: Jewish Terminology soc.culture.jewish FAQ
OU: Basic Jewish Terms & Concepts OU: Rabbi Biography Index
Orthodox Union (OU) Online OU: The Meaning of Mitzvot
Ohr Somayach Aish HaTorah (Project Genesis) Torah Tots (for children)
Yeshivat Ateret Cohanim Lazer's Talmud Torah
Chofetz Chaim Lubavitch in Cyberspace
Torah.Net - Kid's Brachot Page Everything Jewish
Baal Shem Tov I Love Torah
Shabbat Shalom Learn About Shabbat
Pirchei Shoshanim Shema Yisrael
Jewish Educational Network The Joy of Charity
JTSA: The Giving Page (Tzedakah) Just Tzedakah
The Texas Talmud Tzivos Hashem - Children's Newsletter
Chabad Tel-Aviv (Hebrew) Chabad-Net (Hebrew)
Web Yeshiva S.T.A.M. (Torah scrolls, tefillin & mezuzahs)
Jews for Judaism ShevaNet Magazine (Hebrew)
Temple Institute The Jewish Bible Association
Yeshivas Brisk - Yerushalayim WebShas
Dei'ah veDibur (Chareidi world)
Kollel Toras Chesed For Every Jew
Mesora - Jewish Philosophy & Law Ethics
Yeshivat Har Etzion The CrownTowers Web Torah Guide
Yeshivat Or Hachaim The Jewish Bible - Breslov Site
Jewish Renaissance (Women) Jewish America
Kollel Torah Mitzion Ascent of Safed
Gematria and Mysticism of the Torah Tehillim Insights
Torah.IT (in Italian) Morasha Zehut (in Italian)
Brit Milah Mishpacha Virual Community (Ortho,C,R)
Articles by Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum Kol Shofar
The AishDas Society Museum of the Bais HaMikdash
Maimonides Resource Page (Rambam) Shuvu Bonim - Nechamat Zion
Darche Noam On-line Shiurim WebReb Divrei Torah
Anshe Emes: Pirke Avos Brit Milah
Writing a Torah scroll A Visual Introduction to Parts of the Tefillin
The Mentschcraft Manual Jewish Topics (reference by classic texts)
Beged-Ivri: Guide on How to Tie Tzitzith Torah Web
Shamash Mailing Lists Chicago Torah Center
The Electronic Torah Warehouse Map / Timeline of the Tanach
Articles about Judaism (JR Things) e-chinuch (education material)
A Page of Talmud (History of) How To Learn Talmud
Thoughts to Ponder - Rabbi Lopes Cardozo
Maale - Religious Zionist Center (Hebrew, many resources)
Dr. Hendel's Judaica Page (200+ Articles by Topic)
Sidra: Journal for the Study of Rabbinic Literature
Mishna Chart
Laws from the book Devarim (Bible, in Hebrew)
Snopi: Preparation for Bible Bagrut Exam(Hebrew)
AMIT Bible Site (Hebrew)
DAAT: 1,300 Bible Articles (Hebrew)
Simple to Rememeber
Hasidism FAQ
Yiddishkeit: Torah
The J Site: Jewish Wisdom Database
Torah from Terror - Rabbinic Response to 9/11 - The 613 Commandments
The Bible Quiz (3,000+ questions) - Torah Education at Cherry Hill
Mechon Mishne Halachos: Tshuvos Seforim (Hebrew)
Lessons in Tanya
Talmud Revadim
Tanakh Profiles
iAwaken (login required)
Negiah - Abstinence Website for Jewish Teens
Torah Lab
YU Torah Online
Torah Mitzion: Online Halacha
Animated Talmud
Jewish: Birkat HaChama (JR Hotsites)
Tehilim Together (online siyum)
Talmud Bavli / Mishna (online siyum)

Forums / Bulletin Boards / Mailing Lists
Mail-Jewish Torah and Halacha Mailing List Archives
Avodah - Halacha Mailing List Archives
Hashkafah - Jewish discussion forum on all topics
The Global Yeshiva - The Online Torah Community
Jewish: Mailing Lists (JR Hosites)

Jewish: Education (JR Hosites)
Israel: Education (JR Hosites)
3 Year Jewish Holiday Calendar

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