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Parshat Noach for Children
Torah Tots - Parshat Noah
Akhlah - Parsha Noah
Chabad - Noach Family Parshah
The Bible Quiz: Topic - Noach
Parshat Noach
Aish - The Great Flood, and the Tower of Babel
Sharaga's Weekly - Noah's Ark
Torah Tidbits #925 - Noah (PDF)
Aish Shabbat Shalom - Noach 5773
Torah from Dixie - Starting Over Again
Rabbi Berel Wein Weekly Parsha - Noach
Chabad - Noach Aliya Summary
Chabad - Torah Reading for Noach with Rashi
Staying Afloat in a Turbulent World
Sermons The Year 'Round: Noah - Two Birds
NJOP: Noah
Virtual Beit Midrash - Parsha Noah
Torah Media Atlanta: Noach (English audio lessons)
Hebrew Sites
Aish Noach's Ark Hebrew Article
Bar-Ilan Noach Hebrew Articles
Moreshet Noach Hebrew Articles
Divrei Torah Noach Hebrew Articles
Kipa Noach Hebrew Articles
Chabad Noach Hebrew Articles


Noach Cartoons from around the Net

Lessons from Noah's Ark
A Modern Noah's Ark
Bill Cosby Noah (3 minutes)

Bill Cosby Noah
Audio Recording (7.5 minutes)

Text of Bill Cosby Noah

Funny Commercial - Noah's Ark

Funny Hebrew Commercial
Trip cancelled because of high insurance

"Noah, Oh Noah" by Carol Boyd Leon

Leaving Noach's Ark - Chava Alberstein (Hebrew)

Click here for Hebrew lyrics (with Nikud)
and an English translation

Noah - Matti Caspi and Chocolate, Menta, Mastik (Hebrew)

Click here for Hebrew lyrics (with Nikud)
and an English translation

Art / Graphics
Noah's Ark Israeli Stamps - Plate Block
Noah's Ark Israeli Stamps - First Day Cover
English Flyer about Noach and Stamps
Hebrew Flyer about Noach and Stamps
Aish - Torah Portion Coloring Pages
Google image search for Noah's Ark

Noach Clip Art

The Jewish Clipart Database: Biblical - Noach

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Noach Multi-Lingual Word Search

Below are Sample Pages in English, Hebrew, Russian

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The Bible Quiz - Noach

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