Videos about Ma'ale Adumim

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Israel 69th Independence Day Celebrations
The Flag Ceremony in Mitzpe Nevo

Israel 69th Independence Day Celebrations
Grades 1-4 celebrating in Mitzpe Nevo

Israel 69th Independence Day Celebrations
Short Play in Mitzpe Nevo

Cruising Israel - Ma'ale Adumim (English)

The Jewish Heritage Project: Ma'ale Adumim (English)

Ma'ale Adumim 35 Year Anniversay Video (Hebrew)

Ma'ale Adumim 30 Year Anniversary Video

Tour Adumim (English)

Mishor Adumim - Ma'ale Adumim's Industrial Park

ORT Astronomy and Space High School & College (Hebrew)

Additional Videos from Ma'ale Adumim
Mayor of Ma'aleh Adumim (in English)
History of Maale Adumim (Hebrew)
Maale Adumim (Hebrew)
Purim 2012 - Maale Adumim
Purim 2010, Mitzpeh Nevo, Maale Adumim
Purim 2009, Mitzpeh Nevo, Maale Adumim
Maale Adumim skateboarding
Sugar Trail - Nebi Musa (Mishur Adumim to Almog)
Mirpeset Maale Adumim
Israeli Kurdish Jews Seherane Festival at the Lake in Ma'ale Adumim
Park Shamir in Ma'ale Adumim (Hebrew)
The Giant Chanukiah in Mevaseret Adumim - Chanukah 5772
Rav Katz giving Divrei Torah to children visiting his Sukkah (Hebrew)
History of Ma'ale Adumim with Eliezer Ginsberg z"l (Hebrew)
In Memory of Nuriel Yechiel Getz z"l (Hebrew)

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