Educational Resources for Sukkot

Begins Sunday evening, September 27, 2015

Updated: September 24, 2015

Selected Sukkot Sites (5776 - 2015)
Chabad: Succot Guide
Aish HaTorah Holiday Series - Sukkot
OU: Sukkot Central
Ohr Somayach: Succos & Simchas Torah
NJOP: Sukkot Guide
Neveh: A Guide to the Laws of Succos
Torah Tots: Sukkot
Akhlah: Children's Learning Network
Torah From Dixie: Sukkot Articles
Project Genesis Divrei Torah On Sukkos
Tanach: Sukkot
JOI - The Four Species
Judaic Seminar: Halakhot Succot (PDF)
My Hebrew Dictionary - Sukkot Related Words
Misrash Ben Ish Hai (Sepharadim customs)
Breslev Israel: Guide to Sukkot
Breslov: Dvar Torah for Sukkot (PDF)
Judaism 101: Succot
Webshas: The "Succah" Hut
Jacob's Special Sukkah Guest (89)
JDC: Sukkot
USHPIZOT Succah decoration
National Sound Archives Collections - Sukkot
Rules of the Sukkah (Humor)
Songs and Dances for Sukkot


English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets

Learn 23 Sukkot Phrases

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

Hebrew Sites
Chagim: Succot
Chabad in Israel: Succot
Bar-Ilan Essays on Sukkot
Matach: Succot
Moreshet: Articles about Succot
Daat: Succot Torah Articles
Russian Sites
Machanaim: Sucot Sukkot
Chabad: Succot
Masuah: Sucot Succot
Judaica Site: Succot
French Sites
Modia: Succot
Chabad: Succot
Portuguese Sites
Chabad Succot Site
Web Judaica - Succot
Chabad: Sukkot
Chabad: Sukkot

Sukkot Recipes
RFCJ Jewish Recipe Archives - Sukkot
Jewish-Food List: Sukkot
Sukkot Graphics
Gillian's Succot Stationary

Sukkot Photo Gallery

Sukkot Clip Art

The Jewish Clipart Database: Sukkot

Sukkot Humor Page

Learn Hebrew Phrases - Sukkot

YouTube Videos about Sukkot

Sukkot Hebrew Songs with Audio
Hebrew Text (with Nikud)
English Translations


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