Jerusalem, Israel

Yom Yerushalayim - Jerusalem Day - June 5, 2016

Updated: May 3, 2016

Jerusalem English Sites
Virtual Israel: Jerusalem History
Rennert Center: Life through the Ages in a Holy City
M.F.A. History of Jerusalem
The Jewish Trivia Quiz - Israel - Jerusalem
The Kotel (including webcam)
Aish: Live Camera From the Kotel - Jerusalem
Inbal Hotel: Jerusalem Live Camera 360 degrees
Jerusalem Center Yom Yerushalayim Quiz
My Hebrew Songbook: Songs about Jerusalem
Western Wall Tunnel Tour
Jerusalem Municipality
The Knesset: Jerusalem Day
Aish: Jerusalem Day
OHR Somayach: Israel & Jerusalem
OU: Yom Yerushalayim Celebration
The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
The Temple Institute in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
BJPA: Reader's Guide (PDF file)
Bev: Student Activities for Jerusalem Day Jerusalem Day (Articles)
Beitar Jerusalem Soccer Team (Hebrew)
Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Team (Hebrew, English)
Jerusalem of Gold (the song and background)
The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra (English and Hebrew)
Jerusalem Cantors Choir (opens with music video)
The History of Plumbing in Jerusalem
Mosaic: The Western Wall


English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets

Learn 46 Jerusalem Phrases

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

Hebrew Sites
Ministry of Education - Yom Yerushalayim
Ministry of Education - Toranit Articles
Yeladim: Yom Yerushalayim Activites
Matach: The Struggle for the Road to Jerusalem
Chagim: Yom Yerushalayim
Daat: Articles about Jerusalem
Yeshiva: Articles about Yom Yerushalayim
Kaye College of Ed.: Index of Jerusalem Sites / Info

Jerusalem Graphics
The Jewish Clipart Database: Jerusalem Clipart

Learn Hebrew Phrases - Jerusalem

YouTube Videos about Jerusalem

Jerusalem Songs
Hebrew with Nikud (vowels)
and English Translations

Singer: Ofra Haza

The Western Wall - Hakotel

Jerusalem of Gold - Yerushalayim Shel Zahav

Jerusalem Photos / Pictures

Jerusalem Photo Gallery
(5,000+ Photos)

Jerusalem 360 - Tour of Jerusalem in 360
David Shaw's Jerusalem Pictures
The Kotel (The Western Wall)
In Israel: 3D Pictures of Jerusalem
Jerusalem Picture Shots
Lions of Jerusalem (JR site)
My Jewish Coloring Book - Jerusalem
National Photo Collection (search on Jerusalem)
JTSA Exhibit: Israel, Jerusalem, and the Temple
Joseph Regenstein Library - Photograph Archive: Jerusalem
Archaeology: Exploring the Holy Land
Virtual Exhibition: Jerusalem in Ketubba Illuminations (Hebrew)
Picture Blog: Streets of Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Scene
The Real Jerusalem Streets
Pictures of Jerusalem on Flickr
Avital Pinnick Pictures of Mahane Yehuda and Nahlaot
Avital Pinnick Pictures of Jerusalem
Drora's Jerusalem Pictures
ShimonZ's Pictures of Ramat Eshkol
ShimonZ's Pictures of Wohl Rose Garden
Rahel Sharon's Pictures of Jerusalem Light-Rail Depot
Rahel Sharon's Pictures of City of David Excavations
Rahel Sharon's Pictures of The Western Wall Tunnels
Ron Almog's Jerusalem Pictures
Eva Ruth's Pictures of Jerusalem
M.Bergman's Pictures of Jerusalem
NealNYC's Pictures of Jerusalem
Tom Lahat's Pictures of Jerusalem
JohnK85's Pictures of Old City Jerusalem
david55king's Pictures of Jerusalem
Zeeweez's Pictures at Yad Vashem
Alexander's Smolianitski's Pictures of Machane Yehuda
Judy in Jerusalem's Pictures of Live Museum, Rehavia
Judy in Jerusalem's Pictures of Shimon Hatzaddik neighborhood
Jerusalem Picture Pool (Flickr Group)
My Jerusalem Picture Pool (Flickr Group)
The Israel Project - Tags: Jerusalem (Flickr Group)

Jerusalem Stamps


Facebook Album


Maps of Jerusalem
Go Israel: Jerusalem Detailed English Map (PDF)
Machane Yehuda Map
Jerusalem 3000 (old maps)
Maps of Jerusalem (JR Pictures - Israel)
Ancient Maps of Jerusalem

Places to Visit
Yad Vashem
The Israel Museum
The Jerusalem Archaeological Park
The Museum of Italian Jewish Art (JIJA site)
City of David (English & Hebrew)
The Knesset
Bloomfield Science Museum
Jerusalem Botanic Gardens
The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
Jewish National and University Library
Jerusalem International Convention Center
The Tower of David Museum (Hebrew and English)
Bible Land Museum
Museum of Taxes
Chagall Windows at Hadassah Hospital
Museum of Psalms
Gush Katif Museum
Train Theater
The Ammunition Hill National Memorial Site (Hebrew)
The Jerusalem Artists House
The Museum For Islamic Art
Hechal Shlomo Jewish Art Museum
Beit Harav Kook (Hebrew)
The Herzl Museum
The Jerusalem Bird Observatory
Israel ScaVentures (Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts)
Jerusalem Cinema City (Hebrew)
The First Station - Jerusalem Old Train Station
Jerusalem Online Guides
Fun in Jerusalem
About-Family-Travel: Jerusalem Sites and Museums
The Serial Tourist's Guide to Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Connection
Jerusalemite Culture Guide
Jerusalem Insiders Guide
I Travel Jerusalem

Jerusalem Medical and Social Services
Hadassah Medical Orgainzation
Shaare Zedek - Jerusalem
Yad Sarah
Jerusalem Boruch Rofeh Cholim
Yad LaKashish - Life-Line for the Old
Melabev - Treatment of Alzheimer’s patients
Terem Medical Services
Machshava Tova (bridging the technology gap)
The Crossroads Center (drop-in site to meet the
needs of at-risk, English-speaking teens)
Dr. Joel Fredman - Dental implants and Oral Rehabilitation
Dr. Robert Sreter, D.D.S. - Prosthetic dentistry, oral rehabilitation
Dr. Alexander King - Jerusalem Family Doctor

Jerusalem Synagogues
Jerusalem: Old Katamon - Late Late Minyan
Jerusalem: Kehilat Yedidya
Jerusalem: Bet Yosef Synagogue
Jerusalem: Yeshurun Synagogue
Jerusalem: Shir Hadash Synagogue
Jerusalem Community Sites / Groups / Mailing Lists
Jerusalem: Janglo List (announcements, questions, buy/sell stuff)
Jerusalem: Bayit-Vegan Mailing List
Jerusalem: Katamon Community List
Jerusalem: Harnof List
Jerusalem: Gilo List
Jerusalem: Baka Community List
Shirat Devorah: The Nachlaot Community

Jerusalem Facebook Pages / Groups
The Jerusalem Municipality (Hebrew)
The Jerusalem's start-up & tech community
My Shteiblech
Secret Jerusalem
Fun in Jerusalem
Yerushalayim Fan Page
Go Jerusalem
LLM - The Late Minyan
Shir Hadash
Nachlaot (Jerusalem)
The Nachlaot Community Directory (Jerusalem)
Kol Rina (Shul in Nachlaot, Jerusalem)
Kehillat Yedidya
Jerusalem Web Professionals
I remember Richie's Pizza in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Soul Center
J-Tweets (Twitter Jerusalem)
Israel Museum - Jerusalem
Hi Tech Jobs in Jerusalem, Web Design, Programmers, etc
Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Cinematheque - Israel Film Archive
The Jerusalem Fitness Center
Crossroads Jerusalem
The Temple Institute
Jerusalem Musicians Circle (Hebrew)
Torat Reva Yerushalayim
Jerusalem Bird Observatory
Inbal Jerusalem Hotel
Yad Vashem

Jerusalem Hotels
The David Citadel Hotel
The Inbal Hotel (formerly La Romme)
King David Hotel
Ramat Rachel Hotel
Jerusalem Palatin Hotel
The Jerusalem Gold Hotel
Jerusalem Holiday Apartments
Bed & Breakfast Holiday Apartments
Little House Hotels
Hotels Plus - Jerusalem's lodging directory
Ilana Shoket Guest House - Bet-Zyit (near Jerusalem)
Lodging in Jerusalem
Har Nof Rental
Jerusalem Lodges
Jerusalem Holiday
Jerusalem Bed and Breakfast
Tova Rentals
Colony Suites
Related: Israel - Real Estate - Jerusalem Rentals

Jerusalem Restaurants / Food Deliveries
eLuna - Coupons for Kosher Restaurants (English)
Kosher in Jerusalem
Village Green
The Ticho House
Holy Bagel
Dinner Site: Jerusalem Kosher Restaurants
Gili's Goodies (Gush Etzion / Jerusalem)

Jerusalem Social Organizations / Groups
Jerusalem: OU Israel Center
AACI Jerusalem Activities
Jeff Seidel's Jewish Student Information Center
The Yellow Submarine (entertainment club)
Off The Wall Comedy Club
Jerusalem Business Networking Forum

Jerusalem Schools /Seminaries / Yeshivot
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Yeshivat Mercaz HaRav (opens with music)
Bnot Torah Institute (BTI) - Sharfman's
Matan - Women's Institute for Torah Studies
Nishmat - Advanced Jewish Study for Women
Neve Yerushalayim
Darche Noam/Shapell
Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies
Machon Meir
Ohr Yerushalayim

Jerusalem Shops
Richard's Flower Shop
Jump - Jerusalem Health & Fitness Center
Khalifa Shoes
Related Sites
Life in Israel (JR Articles)
Political Articles (JR Articles)
Israel: Tourism (JR Hotsites)
Israel: Real Estate (JR Hotsites)
Jewish: History (JR Hotsites)
Jerusalem Photo Gallery
Olim Photo Gallery
My Israel Photos on Instagram (jrichman2003)

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