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Updated: July 30, 2015

Selected Sites
Jdate - The Jewish Singles Network (Hebrew)
Jwed - Orthodox Jewish Singles (formerly Frumster)
Jewish Singles Cafe
Saw You At Sinai
See You in Israel
Jewish Match
Orthodate (Jewish Orthodox Singles)
Aish HaTorah Jewish Dating Guide
Mit Mazel for Jewish Singles
Jewish Singles with Special Needs
Yahoo and Google Shidduchim Groups / Mailing Lists
Datipop - mailing list for Dati singles (English and Hebrew)
IsraelAngloSingles Israel Anglo Singles - Dating
Yahoo Shidduchim Mailing List
Facebook Shidduchim / Dating Groups
Jewish Religious Singles in Israel (JRSI)
IJAPS - Israeli Jewish Anglo Plus Singles [age 40+ that is]
The Largest Jewish Singles Group on Facebook!!
Jewish Singles 40's to 50's
Jewish Singles from Around the World

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