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Amalek - Yesterday and Today (4/2017) Brenda Katten
Israel on the World Stage (3/2017) Warren Goldstein
Teaching Aliya - 9/2016 Dov Lipman
Why Are Jews Not 'Radicalized?' - 9/2016 Judith Bergman
Of Strong Jews and Olympic Pride - 8/2016 Gil Hoffman
Are You a Jew with Trembling Knees? - 1/2016 Gideon Drucker
American Jewry's Fateful Hour - 8/2015 Caroline B. Glick
Ten Ways Israel Is Treated Differently - 6/2015 David Harris
Bibi's Call for Aliya: Clumsy but Correct - 3/2015 Gideon D. Sylvester
Pollard's Parole Plastering - 11/2014 The Jerusalem Post
On the lack of Aliya - 6/2014 Aharon E. Wexler
An Israeli Soldier to American Jews: Wake up! - 10/2013 Hen Mazzig
What Judea & Samaria Mean to the Jewish People - 2/2013 Brandon Marlon
European Jews, Time to Wake Up - 11/2012 Isi Leiber
Happy Birthday Israel! - 5/2011 David Harris
Escape from Cherbourg - 12/2009 Abraham Rabinovich
Time for a Fresh Start - 11/2009 Morris Pollard and David Kirshenbaum
A rapid and harsh turn against Israel - 6/2009 Daniel Pipes
The Israel lobby - MIA - 5/2009 Jonathan Rosenblum
Marching for Hamas - 1/2009 Denis Maceoin
US Congress Recognizes
Jewish Refugees From Arab Lands - 4/2008
Israel National News
Anti-Semitism 2.0 Going Largely Unchallenged - 3/2008 Jewish Week
Victim of a Unique and Visceral Hatred - 5/2007 Morris Pollard and David Kirshenbaum
A Long Enough Sentence - 3/2007 Morris Pollard and David Kirshenbaum
U.S. Jews Have Abandoned Pollard - 3/2007 Morris Pollard and David Kirshenbaum
Asking the Scapegoat to Take One for the Team (11/2006) Benny Avni
The Pope's Message for Jewry (9/2006) by Caroline B. Glick
Never Again? (5/2006) by Charles Krauthammer
North to Alaska (12/2005) by Sarah Honig
A Miscarriage of Justice - 11/2005 Morris Pollard and David Kirshenbaum
Pollard's freedom and our freedom - 4/2005 Caroline Glick
Truth and Consequences - 1/2005 Saul Singer
Israel wants UNRWA probed (10/2004) by Arieh O'Sullivan and Amir Mizroch
The U.N.? Who Cares? (9/2004) by Victor David Hanson
People are beautiful, the world stinks (4/2004) by Dennis Prager
"Should a Jew See Mel Gibson's 'Passion'?" (3/2004) by Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg
Time to go Home ? (3/2004) by Yashiko Sagamori
Mel Gibson and the Jews (2/2004) by Rabbi Benjamin Blech
Justice Sought For Jonathan Pollard (1/2004) by Ilana Freedman
Lessons of Anti-Israel Euro-Poll (11/2003) by Joseph Farah
Those Jews (10/2003) by Victor Davis Hanson
Pragmatic Anti-Semites (10/2003) by George Jonas
Writer Who Won't Read Jewish mail (9/2003) by Sharon Sadeh
Pollard - The punishment doesn't fit the crime (8/2003) by David Kirshenbaum
Anti-Semitism? It's Ingrained in Our Culture (6/2003) by Seth Armus
Should a Jewish Court Judge the World ? (2/2003) by Jack Engelhard
Commentary (12/2002) by Ed Koch
Minnesota University Settles Anti-Semitism Case by Associated Press (12/2002)
Tannenbaum's Children Send Birthday Gift to Captive Father by MIA (08/2002)
No More Herring - Europe, It's Your Problem, Not Israel's by Hirsh Goodman (06/2002)
From Berkeley to Jenin - June/2002 by Gerald M. Steinberg
Anti-Semitic riot at San Francisco State University - May/2002 by Melissa Radler
Anti-Semitism on College Campuses is growing - May/2002 by Laurie Zoloth
New York Cover Trashes Stalwarts - May/2002 by Ron Rosenbaum
Why I won't be seeing the fjords this summer - May/2002 by Bennett M. Epstein
You don't have to like Jews - May/2002 by Sam Levinson
The French - Apr./2002 by Charles Krauthammer
Antisemitism Today - Apr./2002 by Oriana Fallaci
Time for us to support the Jewish people - Apr./2002 by Richard Littlejohn
The Return of an Ancient Hatred - Apr./2002 New York Times
Can the Whole World be Wrong? - Apr./2002 by Sara Levinsky Rigler
Europe Loves Hate - Apr./2002 by John Podhoretz
Thank You France - Mar./2002 by David Tsal
21st-Century Hate - The Return of Anti-Semitism - Feb./2002 by Hillel Halkin
Vichy-style Jew-hating surfaces in Western Europe - Jan./2002 by Jonathan Mark
Anti-Semitism is on the rise - Dec./2001 by Yossi Olmert
Cause for Boycott: France's Anti-Semitism - Dec./2001 by Ed Koch
Turning Away From the Holocaust - Nov./2001 by Max Frankel - NY Times
Let Pollard Go - Nov./2001 by Jerusalem Post
When 'The World" is Wrong - Nov./2001 by George Will
A Tragedy -- Red Cross Double Cross - Oct./2001 by Lawrence S. Eagleburger
The Good, The Bad, and The UNattractive - October/2001 By Ron Dermer
The Real Bigots - September/2001 By Jeff Jacoby
Durban Conference against Racism - September/2001 By Rabbi Michael Melchior
A Crazy World - August/2001 By Rabbi Berel Wein
The UN Is Not Sincere - July/2001 By Ron Dermer
The Real danger - May/2001 By Rabbi Berel Wein
Behind the Scenes at the UN - Apr/2001 By Sam Orbaum
Should We Buy German Products? - Apr/2001 By Micahel Freund
Children's Books and Israel - March/2001 By Women in Pennsylvania, USA
Sorry Jonathan - You Never Had A Chance - Feb/2001 By Assemblyman Dov Hikind
Feeling Safe - 01/01 By Barbara Sofer
Impact Obvious & Wrong - 10/00 By Eric Fettmann
AP photo in 'Times' - 10/00 By Jonathan Krashinsky
Our duty to free Pollard - 6/00 By Rabbi Berel Wein
Red Cross SnubRed Cross Snub - 3/99 By Charles Krauthammer
1899 vs. 1999 - 11/99 By Rabbi Berel Wein
In praise of condemnation - 10/99 By Sarah Honig
Eygpt - The New Enemy? - 08/99 By Arieh O'Sullivan
Ooom Shmoom (About the UN - 10/98) by David Weinberg
Diaspora Jewish Population (9/16/98) by Itamar Levin / Globes
Gifts for Israel (4/28/98) by A.M. Rosenthal
Destiny, God's will or chutzpah? (4/28/98) by Martin Fletcher
Not in This Museum (1/98) by Charlles Krauthammer
Empty Promises (5/93) by Shmuel Katz
Judging Israel (02/90) - Very Good!! by Charlles Krauthammer
Israel's Mission (03/84) by M. J. Rosenberg
About the Jews (09/1899) by Mark Twain

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